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Time to Change Software Consultants?

The state of California’s Employment Development Department has run into major problems with its new EDD software, leaving as many as 300,000 unemployment claimants unpaid due to glitches in the system. In addition, the system has now cost California taxpayers double what the original estimate was to develop the software. The tab for the new…Continue Reading

How Much Will It Cost to Scale My Website?

A Manager’s Primer on Scaling Concepts When a firm invents The Next Big Internet Thing and must decide which building blocks to use so that their software service can support the enormous traffic that inevitably follows, many highly technical questions arise. It’s quite common for these technical concepts to lie outside the manager’s area of…Continue Reading

Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing” is a ubiquitous buzzword (buzz-phrase?) in IT news these days. You can’t swing a LOLcat without hitting some article touting specious promises of the cloud’s scalability, availability, or efficiency. When confronted with these promises, it is natural for IT managers to ask whether the highly-touted advantages of cloud computing are worth the pain…Continue Reading

VB6 to .NET Migrations

At Boomcycle, a Los Angeles based software development consultancy, we have seen first hand that when an IT colossus like Microsoft decides to change one of their development technologies, the ramifications are wide-ranging and far-reaching. For some companies, this change can introduce a near-term evolve-or-die crisis. For the luckier ones, there is still the unpleasant…Continue Reading

Boomcycle .NET Development Team

Boomcycle is proud to announce the formation of a new 100% US-based Virtual .NET Development Team, featuring a C# and VB.NET-savvy PM, two F/T developers and three P/T developers. The team recently completed the conversion of a large Visual Basic legacy enterprise system which controls the client’s entire business operation, including accounting, manufacturing and client…Continue Reading

Software Project Management – Techniques and Benefits

Sometimes a complex software project requires the rapid addition of team members. A company might need to build new software to attack a business opportunity or rescue a department from dangerous information overload. Other times a discontinued technology may force a mandatory upgrade (or cross-grade) that will strangle revenue during some unavoidable migration. Whether it’s…Continue Reading

Amazon Cloud Computing Solutions

Amazon’s Cloud services are a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms. Let Boomcycle provide Amazon Acronym Assistance! If you’ve ever owned a dilapidated old car or if you’ve been forced to travel a lot for work, then you probably know how the venerable American Automobile Association can be a real life saver.  I once owned a…Continue Reading

Client Solutions in the Rackspace Cloud

Some months back we posted an article about one of our favorite things:  Helping Websites Grow. The issue at hand back in March was that our client had a server that was struggling to serve large amounts of images while at the same time trying to make sure that Gigabytes of images were backed up…Continue Reading

SMB Cloud Computing Trends

Small and mid-sized businesses in the market for custom software are flocking to the Public IaaS cloud space — like Amazon or Rackspace –in larger numbers than enterprise users, according to Forrester Research. One of the reasons is that corporate IT departments are slower to make decisions because of their hierarchy. IT managers often need…Continue Reading

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