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Google Ads Strategies 2024

Discover the cutting-edge Google Ads strategies for 2024, to drive growth and success in your digital marketing campaigns.
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As a digital marketer specializing in Google Ads management services, I’ve encountered numerous misconceptions and misunderstandings about the platform. Today, I want to share some insights from my experience in both organic and paid Google search and shed some sunlight on crucial aspects that Google Ads advertisers often overlook.

Use Google Ads For Business Discovery Searches

One of the most significant areas of opportunity I’ve noticed is what I call “discovery searches” in Google Ads.

Many advertisers use Google Ads primarily for brand search — basically, advertising on recognized brand names and/or competitor’s brand names. However, the true potential of Google Ads lies in targeting non-brand and generic queries.

Advertisers can acquire new customers and drive new sales by focusing on reaching people unfamiliar with their business’ existence but searching for what it offers. This is the best opportunity to grow a business’ customer base.

The key is investing time and effort into crafting campaigns targeting these untapped opportunities, such as “best guitars for beginners,” instead of relying on brand keywords like “Fender guitars.”

The Advantages of Performance Max

Some advertisers believe that with Performance Max, Google wants to combine various ad inventories, including low-quality placements, and present them alongside branded search to inflate performance metrics.

However, I believe that Performance Max simplifies ad management for the average business. By treating Performance Max as a simpler and more fleshed-out version of Dynamic Search Ads, advertisers can utilize it to discover new avenues for search and YouTube campaigns.

For example, if you sell organic dog food, Performance Max can help identify untapped keywords like “natural dog food” or “organic dog food,” allowing you to build targeted campaigns around them and maximize the campaign’s potential.

Effective Strategies for New E-commerce Brands

For those starting a new e-commerce brand, I recommend implementing a tightly themed ad group structure. Instead of creating numerous campaigns, creating fewer campaigns with multiple ad groups within each is more effective.

Each ad group should address a specific angle or need, with the ad copy reinforcing the targeted keyword and the landing page providing a tailored solution to the user’s search query.

For instance, if you sell handmade jewelry, you could create ad groups for “unique wedding rings,” “personalized necklaces,” and “custom birthstone earrings.”

Focusing on high-volume, relevant keywords and utilizing exact-match targeting tends to yield the best results.

However, patience is crucial, as campaigns take time to gain traction and generate significant outcomes.

Give The Machine Time To Learn

Another key aspect that e-commerce brand owners sometimes overlook is the significance of patience when running Google Ads campaigns.

It’s essential to understand the conversion window, which is typically set to 30 days for click-through conversions. This means that Google has a 30-day period after a user clicks on an ad to drive a conversion and attribute it to the ad clicked.

Expecting immediate results within the first window is unrealistic. In reality, campaigns require a learning period and may take several of these “windows” before yielding tangible results.

It’s also obviously important to consider the customer journey.

Many users who interact with ads are in the “middle-of-the-funnelresearch phase, gathering information about products or services. Depending on the nature of the product, it may take time for customers to progress through their journey and make a purchase decision.

For example, if you sell high-end furniture, customers may need to compare options, read reviews, and consider their budget before committing to a purchase. Advertisers must exercise patience and allow sufficient time for campaigns to mature and deliver desired outcomes.

Google Ads Management in 2024

Understanding the true potential of Google Ads and dispelling common misconceptions is crucial for success in digital advertising. Advertisers can acquire new customers and drive new discovery sales by focusing on non-brand and generic queries.

Performance Max campaigns, when used strategically, can uncover new opportunities for targeted campaigns. For new e-commerce brands, implementing a tightly themed ad group structure and exhibiting patience are key to success.

By embracing these strategies and allowing campaigns sufficient time to deliver results, advertisers can unlock the full power of Google Ads and achieve their marketing goals.

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