Winning the Spam Fight

For those of us still mired in the modes of communication of the previous century, email is still our primary method of communication. And the bane of all email users is now, and probably forever will be, spam. In this post, I discuss spam problems and solutions as pertaining to Linux-based servers running WHM/cpanel. I…Continue Reading

Custom Healthcare Software Development

With all the news about Obamacare and the associated problems with roll-out of each state’s own version of this very large healthcare technology ecosystem, I was reminded that in the late 1990s, I had the good fortune to work for a California-based payroll firm where we built one of the world’s first healthcare and benefits…Continue Reading

How to protect your Enterprise IT project from failure

Recently a massive enterprise IT project was scrapped by Avon, according to a report on The core issue of the failed software project seems to have been the difficulty users had working with the new system. In fact the system was so troubling to use that key sales people simply left the company rather…Continue Reading

Five “Gotcha” Surprises Waiting For You In The Cloud

If your business is considering the cloud for your server provisioning needs, you may have very good reasons to do so. The cloud can offer a very affordable way to start a small web service with more control and security than you might get from shared hosting yet without the high cost of a fully…Continue Reading

SQL vs. NoSQL – which is right for your business?

Big data and the massive amounts of information you gather call for a different type of storage system. The NoSQL movement is great for big data, but is it right for your systems? The latest and greatest is not always best for business, and SQL has been around for decades handling relational database transactions. SQL…Continue Reading

How to Hire a Software Development Company in 10 Easy Steps

Many small and medium-sized businesses today rely on custom software to run their business. Custom software applications are sometimes written by a single employee or perhaps a small group who work for the firm and are often developed to address an urgent business requirement. Unfortunately many “home grown” software projects are often not written with…Continue Reading

How to save thousands of dollars a year without upgrading your hardware

Sometimes, Throwing Hardware At A Performance Problem Is A Bad Idea. Multithreaded execution can squeeze every last drop of performance out of these resources. It is a common problem in a growing business:  IT infrastructure starts getting slow due to rapidly growing demand for the services it provides. More customers, more employees, more data records,…Continue Reading

Software Project Budgets

Let’s talk about your software project’s budget. Boomcycle has built software for clients for as low as $10K and as much as half a million dollars. What does that say? Not much, since each mobile, database or web application project is somewhat unique. Some potential clients with whom we speak want us to tell them…Continue Reading

Time to Change Software Consultants?

The state of California’s Employment Development Department has run into major problems with its new EDD software, leaving as many as 300,000 unemployment claimants unpaid due to glitches in the system. In addition, the system has now cost California taxpayers double what the original estimate was to develop the software. The tab for the new…Continue Reading

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