SMB Cloud Computing Trends

SMB Cloud Computing TrendsSmall and mid-sized businesses in the market for custom software are flocking to the Public IaaS cloud space — like Amazon or Rackspace –in larger numbers than enterprise users, according to Forrester Research.

One of the reasons is that corporate IT departments are slower to make decisions because of their hierarchy. IT managers often need to spend weeks or months developing proposals and attending meetings in order to get buy-in and budget allocated to move forward.

But SMB owners who work directly with a knowledgeable and experienced custom software developers can say ‘Yes’ and get the project launched as soon as the planning is complete. They can make decisions faster — and save money in the process.

Developers love IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) because it provides everything they need for their basic development environment in a push-button scalable form: processing, storage and networking can all be sized to fit the project almost instantaneously. They don’t have to wait around for a human to show up to configure and network a new server if they need more storage space. There’s no down time waiting for more physical memory to be installed to increase computing power.

SMB owners love IaaS because it It keeps development costs down. There’s no large up-front hardware investment needed to buy, configure and network larger servers. Yet the pay-per-use cost is scalable. When computing power and databases need to expand as the business grows, it’s easily done. Again, there’s no large up-front hardware investment necessary — just an incrementally higher monthly bill for the additional resources from the IaaS provider.

Key takeaway: If you want to save time and money on your small business custom software project in the long run, look for a software developer who has experience with Public IaaS cloud — like Amazon or Rackspace.

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