Software Project Management – Techniques and Benefits

Sometimes a complex software project requires the rapid addition of team members. A company might need to build new software to attack a business opportunity or rescue a department from dangerous information overload. Other times a discontinued technology may force a mandatory upgrade (or cross-grade) that will strangle revenue during some unavoidable migration.

Whether it’s growth and opportunity or risk and crisis that your organization is facing, there occasionally comes a time when a deadline is looming and the only option is acquire more software developers and project managers to face the challenge. In these critical moments, merely adding warm bodies to your project team is no guarantee of success. When you must staff up rapidly, it is important to acquire self-starting team members, but it is critical to find an effective project manager to lead the team. Boomcycle can provide you with talented, self-organizing engineers and designers led by an effective, straight-shooting team leader.

Project Discovery

Discovery — one of the most consistently overlooked steps of a new project — is where a Project Manager first starts to yield benefits.

Having an entire team of software developers show up at 9AM on day one of a new project is a good way to waste a lot of money. If a company faces a challenge requiring outside assistance, the complexities of this challenge might not all show themselves at first glance. Before you bring in a team of highly skilled workers and their associated cost, it’s important to:

  1. First explore the nuances and requirements of the work to be done
  2. Select suitable team members
  3. Delegate responsibilities to the appropriate team member(s).

Communication is the first step and, in any effective communication protocol, it’s important to shake hands, agree on a level of confidentiality, and then establish tokens of mutual understanding before you can begin to discuss what needs to be done. In many cases, we find that organizations have developed their own internal language and jargon to describe their business processes. While this internal vernacular is crystal clear to the engineer who has lived it daily for ten years, it may well be impenetrable to even a highly skilled newcomer.

Cost-effective Boomcycle Software Project Management

Boomcycle’s 100% U.S.-based technical project managers — part skilled software developer, part translator, part therapist, and harbinger of the Boomcycle cavalry — will take the time to listen to you, understand your needs, and help you construct a plan to put the right team to work to address your need.

A Boomcycle Project Manager will serve as your primary point of contact and will answer for the team at large.  The PM will delegate the tasks that constitute your work plan to the other team members, defining clear-cut responsibilities for each. The PM will distill the collective impressions and questions of team members into succinct communications to spare you the chore of reading volumes of communication. The PM will:

  • Establish version control
  • Establish coding standards, style guidelines
  • Assist in documenting your data, your code
  • Track the project’s progress.

A Boomcycle PM will be there to help, to save you time, and to share the burden of managing the complexity that inevitably accompanies a larger software development team.

How can a Boomcycle PM help you with your complex business software requirements? Contact Boomcycle today to find out.

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