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Client Solutions in the Rackspace Cloud

Some months back we posted an article about one of our favorite things:  Helping Websites Grow. The issue at hand back in March was that our client had a server that was struggling to serve large amounts of images while at the same time trying to make sure that Gigabytes of images were backed up regularly.  The system was also struggling to import remote image assets quickly enough.  There were so many remote images to be fetched some nights that the image-fetching script would run all night and into the next day and would still be running when the cron job that started it fired it off again. The system would crash almost nightly.  The backups never completed.  The products on the site did not have valid images.

Following a concerted effort by Boomcycle open source senior engineer (and genius!) Jason, the system is functioning much more smoothly.  The database duties are still handled by their primary dedicated machine, and our monitor scripts still complain every now and then about excessive load when there are a lot of visitors, but the 30+ Gigabytes of images are now happily hosted by the Rackspace Content Delivery Network.  These images bypass the primary server entirely and are fetched directly from their remote sources by a Rackspace Cloud Server and fed directly into the content delivery network.  The multithreaded script that handles the images has fetched as many as 17,000 images, generated 6 different thumbnails for each image, and uploaded the original image and all its thumbnails into the Rackspace CDN in a single hour.

Boomcycle’s remedy for this client has not just stabilized their system and improved performance for their clients and customers, but we have significantly reduced their monthly cost.  Thanks to our new system, the client was able to shut down a second image server that is no longer needed.  Our client estimates the Rackspace Cloud Server and CDN costs at around $50 — considerably less than the hundreds of dollars per month they were paying for a dedicated machine to host all these images.  The Rackspace system also makes redundant copies of the images and manages backups.  It’s an all around win.

Our client is happy and we’re talking to them about some further initiatives to help them keep up with their customer demand. Boomcycle is happy to help our clients grow!

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