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Outsourcing: Preventing the “Hit By A Bus” Syndrome

It’s a fact of technology outsourcing life that new developers will appear on the scene, and some developers will disappear from the scene. Sometimes you will receive an email or voice mail giving you notice. And sometimes you’ll hear nothing and never find out what happened.

We recently had a very fine web designer with whom we worked. She had successfully completed several projects for us, and we had another, larger project on which we requested a quote from her. She diligently picked through the requirements and developed what seemed like a well thought-out and reasonable project estimate. I delivered our quote to the client and the client gave us the green light. That’s about the time this designer disappeared!

What happened? Was she ill? Was she hit by a bus? Was she just a flake? I left a voice mail and sent three emails — no response.

Should I have kept trying to reach her? Absolutely not.

Experience has taught me that if I have too much trouble reaching a developer, we can not rely on them to complete a project.

So it’s panic time, right? Well, not really. Boomcycle enjoys a rather plentiful array of web development resources: I simply took the project requirements to another of our great web designers, and she completed this social media enhancement task on time and under budget.

Of course, this project might have been a disaster had we been completely reliant upon the original resource. We did quote the project based on her rates and expertise. Fortunately this was a fairly straightforward social media enhancement project. However it could have been a more complex project — what would we have done in that case?

Boomcycle never relies on a single software development resource. For any non-trivial project, we receive estimations from at least two and sometimes as many as three of our proven, reliable outsourced development resources, all of whom have previously successfully completed projects for us. We never take risks with our clients.

When you work with Boomcycle you get complete software/technical coverage, from the simplest designs to the most complex customized web, e-commerce and database systems. And with Boomcycle, you never need worry about the “hit by a bus” syndrome – the disappearing developer who leaves your project in limbo. We retain redundant layers of development resources to get the job done successfully, on time and on budget.

Boomcycle is price-competitive, and we offer discounts for long-term relationships (LTRs). We also offer package pricing for well-defined projects (we can also help you define your project if it only exists on a napkin!) We will never be the “cheapest” development resource — waging a price war is not how we attract and retain the best and most reliable developers. And intelligent, experienced and reliable software developers keep our clients happy.

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Outsourced Technology Resources

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Boomcycle is a San Ramon, California technology consulting and custom software solutions provider. We enjoy stable, long-term relationships with dozens of highly-skilled and experienced technology business experts, software engineers, project managers, web designers and software architects throughout the United States.

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