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Amazon Cloud Computing Solutions

Amazon’s Cloud services are a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms. Let Boomcycle provide Amazon Acronym Assistance!

If you’ve ever owned a dilapidated old car or if you’ve been forced to travel a lot for work, then you probably know how the venerable American Automobile Association can be a real life saver.  I once owned a 1987 Honda Prelude with a list of mechanical problems longer than the Midgard Serpent. When that faulty oxygen valved caused me to stall on the 101 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles, I called AAA and they rescued me.  When work had me driving 100,000 miles in just 3 years, AAA provided me with enormously helpful and up-to-date highway maps and traffic data that kept me out of the nightmare that is the Washington, DC beltway at quitting time on a Friday.

If you have a broken down old website or if you are planning a journey into the Amazon cloud, Boomcycle can help.  We would like to offer you our own Triple A Service: Amazon Acronym Assistance.  Everyone is talking about the cloud and CTOs everywhere are convinced they need cloud technologies.  But what does it mean exactly?  Who can explain what EC2, RDS and SES actually do and how to take advantage of them for your business?  Who can help you plan your cloud migration effectively so that you don’t end up in a website migration quagmire that costs you a fortune? Boomcycle can.

Boomcycle has hands-on software development experience with cloud technologies and has experienced first-hand some of the remarkable benefits:  scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.

For starters, setting up a development machine to get your new site started is a lot easier with Amazon EC2.  The old way involved calling your go-to hosting company and muddling through all the details they need to give you either a) a bloated machine with Webhost Manager designed to host a thousand websites or b) a bare-bones server with nothing but CentOS off the CDROM installed on it.  With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), you can set up your favorite distro once with all of your favorite development tools and store a snapshot of it as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI).  If you need a new server quickly, you can instantiate a virtual machine from one of these images almost immediately.  It gets you up and running faster.  Additionally, when you need to scale up your service, the ability to instantiate new servers is invaluable and can be automated. When you need to scale down for cost savings, you can delete them just as quickly and just as automatically.

Boomcycle is also familiar with the pitfalls and hazards of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  The AWS ecosystem is a patchwork of APIs, code libaries, documentation, and outright quirks that can present challenges.  For example, Amazon’s DNS serviceRoute 53 — currently has no interface in the AWS web console and one must make use of the command line tools to create and delete DNS records.  Additionally, there is no edit function.  One must first delete an existing record and then create a new one to replace it.  Even so, it’s a lot easier and more secure than maintaining BIND on one’s own servers. Even integration of two different Amazon services — EC2 and Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) — can be a challenge in certain contexts.  This EC2/SES integration is in many cases a necessary chore as the IPs one can assign to an Amazon EC2 compute instances are all on a policy block list at spamhaus so one must find a different way to send outgoing email.  Boomcycle has done this before.  We know that the perl scripts provided by Amazon have numerous dependencies and we know how to get those installed.

If you think you need to use the Amazon cloud for your IT project, call us.  We can help you understand not only the alphabet soup of acronyms, but also the IT implications and cost considerations. We’d love to help.

Boomcycle is a San Ramon, California technology consulting and custom software solutions provider. We enjoy stable, long-term relationships with dozens of highly-skilled and experienced technology business experts, software engineers, project managers, web designers and software architects throughout the United States.

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