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Striking the Right Chords: A Music Store’s Journey to SEO Success

See how our SEO strategies helped a local music store strike the right chords online, driving a 200% surge in organic traffic.

Enhancing Online Visibility and Organic Traffic for

Client Overview, a premier guitar store located in the San Francisco Bay Area, approached our SEO agency in March 2022 to improve its online presence and increase its organic traffic.

With a commitment to offering high-quality musical instruments in the San Francisco East Bay Area and with a strong local reputation, they sought to extend their reach to a wider audience.


When we began our collaboration, Danville Music faced several challenges:

  1. Limited Organic Visibility: The website struggled to rank prominently in search engine results pages (SERPs) for key industry-related keywords, limiting their exposure to potential customers.
  2. Stagnant Organic Traffic: Despite its local popularity, the website’s organic traffic remained stagnant and didn’t reflect its true market potential.
  3. Competition: The music industry is competitive, with heavy hitters like Guitar Center and Sweetwater dominating the search landscape. Danville Music needed a strategy to stand out from both local and online competitors.


Upon assessment of Danville Music’s website and market, we crafted a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to their goals:

  1. Keyword Research and Optimization: We conducted in-depth keyword research to identify valuable, topically-relevant keywords with a focus on both local and broader audiences. We optimized on-page content to target these keywords effectively and built new pages to take advantage of geo-specificities.
  2. Technical SEO Audit: We performed a thorough technical audit of their website to address any issues that might hinder search engine crawlers. This included optimizing site structure, improving page loading speed, and enhancing mobile responsiveness. While Shopify is a terrible blogging platform, it works “well enough”, and the client was not interested in moving off it.
  3. Content Enhancement: To engage users and demonstrate expertise, we developed informative and valuable content such as guides on choosing guitars, reviews of popular instruments, and informative blog posts related to music and instruments. All our blogs include videos by the owners to enhance the content.
  4. Local SEO: As a local business, we concentrated on local SEO strategies to improve their visibility in the San Francisco Bay Area. This included optimizing their Google Business Profile, building local citations, and generating (and clearly displaying on their website!) positive customer reviews.
  5. Backlink Building: We employed ethical and strategic backlink-building tactics to earn high-quality and relevant backlinks from authoritative sources in the music industry.


We’ll share both Google Search Console and Ahrefs as proof of our ranking victories:

Striking the Right Chords: A Music Store's Journey to SEO Success 1
Google Search Console screenshot from 9/26/23 – the strategies are working.

Our collaboration with Danville Music yielded remarkable improvements in just over a year:

  1. Organic Traffic Surge: From March 2022 to May 2023, their website’s organic traffic increased by 1,800 visits, showcasing a remarkable 200% growth.
  2. Keyword Rankings: The website achieved a higher ranking for crucial industry keywords, resulting in a 55% increase in Top 3 keyword rankings.
  3. Domain Rating Enhancement: Their Domain Rating (DR) surged by 9 points, indicating increased authority and recognition in their niche.
  4. Referring Domains and Backlinks: Their backlink profile was strengthened with an addition of 186 backlinks and 57 referring domains.
  5. Local Visibility: Their local presence significantly improved, as evidenced by a 717% increase in website visitors from the US and substantial gains in other locations.
  6. Content Engagement: The addition of informative content increased user engagement and demonstrated their expertise in the music industry.
Striking the Right Chords: A Music Store's Journey to SEO Success 2
Ahrefs screenshot showing even more dramatic growth

Through a collaborative effort with Danville Music, our SEO strategies successfully elevated their online presence, resulting in substantial increases in organic traffic, keyword rankings, and domain authority. By strategically addressing their challenges and capitalizing on their strengths, we’ve positioned Danville Music as a reputable guitar store with a thriving online presence and a broader customer base.

The partnership with Boomcycle demonstrates the transformative power of effective SEO strategies in driving growth for local businesses in competitive markets.

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