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Boomcycle emphasizes a strategic marketing approach to consistently create and distribute valuable and relevant video, audio, graphical and written content to attract and retain your ideal prospect audience and drive profitable action.

Digital marketing means every non-traditional (newspaper, radio or TV) method by which to advertise. This could include website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing on Google or Bing, social media posting or advertising, podcast advertising, YouTube video creation — the list goes on!

For a complete discussion of the subject of digital marketing, please see my article here

Business to business marketing is when a business markets to another business. An example might be when a data analytics company markets to businesses that need data analytics services. Boomcycle markets to businesses as well, which means we are a “B2B” marketing company. 

Some other B2B marketing examples might include a retail interior design company that markets to grocery stores, or a healthcare analytics company that markets to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies.

B2B search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy designed to help B2B website pages rank higher in the major search engines like Google and Bing. Unlike SEO for business-to-consumer sites,  B2B SEO focuses on the topics of interest to key decision-makers.

The basics of SEO remain the same for business and consumers. In Google’s search algorithm, the target audience doesn’t matter. Best practices for SEO apply to both B2C and B2B.

Most businesses can use both SEO and PPC (often called “SEM”, or search engine marketing) as a strategy to obtain B2B leads. The purpose of B2B PPC is to drive traffic and leads in the short term, while simultaneously boosting organic ranking strength for competitive keywords through search engine optimization.

An SEO team is tasked with driving traffic & visibility in organic (free) search in order to drive business growth. Through content, link and keyword research, technical audits, the creation of content, and running some more traditional PR awareness campaigns, the visibility of a given web page and website is increased, and thus visitors and new leads to the business.

Technical SEO comprises all the on-page factors that contribute to a website being technically-sound and ready to be visible in the search engines. The objective is to ensure that a website meets the requirements of a modern search engine in order to enhance organic rankings. Among the most important components of Technical SEO are crawling, indexing, rendering, and site architecture.

The use of SEO can greatly enhance the value of all your content creation efforts. When properly strategized, researched and created, your content helps potential buyers make an informed decision about your company. B2B buyers want vendors to be knowledgeable, reliable, and dependable.

Since we offer a variety of services, for a variety of different sized businesses and situations, our costs vary based on the project. See this article for a detailed discussion of our pricing.

Many companies specialize in either the technical details of digital marketing, or on “branding”. Boomcycle understands that there are two major components of digital marketing: the technical (SEO, responsive design, PPC bidding techniques, etc.) and the actual strategy you employ to market to your ideal prospects. 

Boomcycle founder David Victor has both a strong technical and an extensive marketing background. He understands that digital marketing is most effective as a long-term, consistent series of operations. Google has to trust that you are an authority in your space, and more importantly, people have to trust you as an authority!

Your business will receive David’s personalized service, the best marketing insights, and the best-in-class technology solutions to make your marketing optimally effective and evolving with the latest best-practices. 

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