.NET Development

Boomcycle retains a 100% US-based Virtual .NET Development Team, featuring a C# and VB.NET-savvy PM, two F/T developers and three P/T developers.

Our .NET team recently completed the conversion of a large Visual Basic legacy enterprise system which controls the client’s entire business operation, including accounting, manufacturing and client relationship management. The system talks to an MS SQL 2008 R2 database and makes use of the Infragistics 12.x controls.

.NET Migration Challenges

A Boomcycle .NET client was staring into the abyss of a VB6 migration. In altering the VB language from VB6 to VB.NET, the Microsoft juggernaut had indifferently rolled over on this industrial enterprise, rendering their large base of VB6 code — developed over the course of the past 15 years — obsolete.  Having put off the migration from VB6 to .NET for several years, our client finally decided to confront the looming end-of-life date for the technologies upon which their enterprise was based. They were understandably wary of further unilateral changes by Microsoft.

One of the most significant differences in the legacy code and modern .NET data access techniques is the data access syntax. Boomcycle proposed LINQ but our client was concerned about the durability and performance of this technology and even more concerned about the learning curve it presented to their internal developers.

.NET Solutions by Boomcycle

Boomcycle then proposed the development of a new data layer as a prophylactic to isolate their application from the particulars of a single database connection library. While Boomcycle’s “thin layer” code is unlikely to protect against the kind of sea change represented by the VB6-to-.NET shift, it does allow one additional layer of abstraction. This single thin layer allows the client freedom should they need to adapt to changing database technologies or to intercept all data access without having to change each and every database call in our 500,000 lines of code.  It also retained the added benefit of feeling familiar to the client’s in-house development team.

U.S. Based .NET Developers

All Boomcycle development teams, including our new .NET Development team, are U.S.-based for optimal data security and project privacy. All code produced by our development teams is 100% owned by our client.