Open Source PHP MySQL

Whatever type of open source software solution your business requires, the most critical aspect is developing a bullet-proof real-world application that withstands employee, customer or nefarious usage.

Since our founding in May of 2003, Boomcycle software developers have worked on many large LAMP (PHP and MySQL) web development projects. It’s fair to say that this type of Open Source development is our “wheelhouse”. Whether you are building your web application on a cloud server or traditional Linux server, extranet or intranet, Boomcycle developers code to your specifications and craft the ideal business web application.

Boomcycle retains a small army of MySQL experts, including Oracle/Sun Certified MySQL Administrators and Developers. And our MVC-savvy PHP developers can work with raw PHP, CodeIgnitor as well as Zend Framework.

Open Source Web Development Case Studies

Following are two case studies which help illustrate how Boomcycle has helped businesses fix and optimize their mission-critical Open Source (in both cases, PHP and MySQL) business infrastructure software. Most of the time, Boomcycle works with software written by employees or designee(s) of the company itself. These are all bespoke solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the business. had an overburdened website that was crashing every night, hampering the growth potential of their business. The client’s team included some intermediate level software developers who’d hit something of a wall in terms of their ability to diagnose and solve the problems. A Boomcycle PM/developer did a thorough diagnostic on the website and determined that a rogue backup job was bringing the server to its knees. Once Boomcycle fixed the initial problem, the client requested we develop an Amazon S3-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) in PHP and MySQL to further ease the load on his website. The Boomcycle development team built a blazing-fast PHP parallel processing image processing system that decreased routine operational loads by a factor of 50. These improvements have allowed the website to grow comfortably while giving their clients a vastly improved user experience. At the client’s request, Boomcycle also migrated the site off the client’s previous web host to a Rackspace Cloud server.

“From brilliant strategic planning through flawless execution, Boomcycle was crucial during our cloud CDN project. When complex, mission critical issues arise, we will always turn to Boomcycle.”

J. Cipriano
Chief Operating Officer

Samhain Publishing

Samhain Publishing is an ebook publisher who came to Boomcycle with a completely custom and bug-riddled soft-goods ecommerce website written in ColdFusion with a MySQL database. Customers were experiencing site delays and errors with orders, and products were “falling out” of their shopping cart. A single software developer had authored nearly the entire code base. This same developer was responsible for site and data maintenance as well as bug-fixing. It was clear to the company’s founders that their successful business model was far out-stripping their website’s ability to keep up with customer demand. Samhain needed a custom PHP MySQL e-commerce solution which would allow them to grow.

Customer experience was of primary importance, and the company’s executive team requested that Boomcycle designers create a more engaging and convenient online shopping interface fueled by some clever Javascript. Also of paramount importance was the ability to show a massive number of titles on the home page in a fast, intuitive and esthetically pleasing manner. Boomcycle Javascript, database, PHP and Apache programmers were employed to create a blazing fast book “rotisserie” that customers could easily rotate to view any title they wish.

This project also required a large SQL data migration from the client’s previous custom MySQL database. This involved mapping all the tables, columns and data to their equivalents in the new database schema. The ecommerce upgrade also addressed back-office limitations of the previous system, with an extensive custom administrative section (including image uploading and Javascript/jQuery/AJAX-powered forms) that precisely conformed to the client’s business model.

In addition to the new ecommerce site, this client wanted to integrate a robust open source blogging platform. Boomcycle recommended the very sturdy and popular WordPress CMS and blogging system. With both a custom ecommerce system and WordPress running simultaneously, the user experience nevertheless had to remain seamless. Boomcycle designers and developers created a smooth and appealing UI design, with the same menus and other user interface elements appearing on both the WordPress side and the ecommerce side.

The ultimate measure of success of any system upgrade is the return on investment. Boomcycle reduced our client’s hardware expenditures by 50% yet improved website response times. Orders were no longer lost and the client’s shopping experience and overall engagement with the brand has improved. As of the completion of the project, the site was routinely and securely processing over $100K in sales per month. The workflow of the new back-office section is far improved, and the client’s staff is more productive than ever. New titles are introduced easily, and the system allows for complex discounting based on release and purchasing dates. Data access speed has improved, and sales reporting was dramatically enhanced, with reports tailored to specific business objectives. Ecommerce was integrated with and their CIM payment gateway. CIM allows our client to securely retain customer payment information to help encourage return business. Thanks to the use of open source software, including PHP, osCommerce and WordPress, the fundamental software underpinnings of the site were available at no cost. From that base functionality, Boomcycle developed a completely customized system that met every one of our client’s needs.

“Boomcycle rescued us! Their team transformed our poorly functioning website into one that our customers actually enjoy, resulting in near zero customer support requests. It’s the perfect platform for our ever-evolving industry!”

C. Brashear
Samhain Publishing, Inc.