Software Architectural Design

You wouldn’t begin an construction project without a blueprint; likewiseyou should not begin a software engineering project without a blueprint. A properly crafted project plan and software architecture ensures the success of your project.

Key to Boomcycle’s strategy is that we seek out the volatile areas of a project – instead of the functional components. This seemingly small divergence has profound impact on all phases of the software development life cycle. In essence, we apply the science and physics of “traditional” engineering practices to software engineering – where it is often sadly absent.

Our methods provide is an easy (and visual) way to verify the design before we begin construction. Not only can we verify that the design allows for all known use cases, but we can also demonstrate how our designs support the unknown use cases (the ones “we didn’t even know we didn’t know”). This is a very valuable feature of our designs and is something that a traditional software functional decomposition process absolutely cannot claim.

Boomcycle’s process allows us to show a number of scenarios under which we can build the system – because software projects (like any major construction) is not a one-size-fits-all design.

We start your project by crafting the edge cases:

  1. The project design given only a single resource (a single developer)
  2. The project design given unlimited resources

Between these two scenarios is a point where our clients want to be based on budget, time to market, and other factors. We enable the selection of a design point that meets our client’s exact needs.

This leads to an additional key point. Before any construction is started, we absolutely must get to a “feed-me/kill-me” point at which all parties agree that the software can (and should) be built given the time and resources available (“feed-me”) – or that the project should not go forward (“kill-me”). Whatever the decision made at this point, it must be based on sound design principals – not guesswork.

At Boomcycle, we take pride in a number of things we offer to our customers:

  1. Transparent development practices. At all stages, our clients always know exactly what stage their project is in.
  2. Early-to-test and early-to-master software development life cycle. We do not follow a “big-bang” approach to development. Throughout the process, our designs will call for meaningful integration and milestones which give our clients a clear picture of the current project status – and much more importantly – milestones that indicate significant pieces of the project that are 100% complete. Building software in this manner ensures that, even as of the first milestone, something useful is finished and can be tested (and even deployed). This allows us to get the business people (stakeholders) involved as early as possible to the review and verification phases – instead of waiting until the end and just assuming we have built exactly what was needed.
  3. Clear timeline and deliverable for software architecture and project designs. These are not “fuzzy” activities for which scope can change. By following this simple standard, we eliminate all needless (and dangerous) design “gold plating” and form a solid basis on which the software can be built. This also helps to keep management overhead to a minimum – allowing the most effective use of project management guidance. This also allows for project course corrections when they are the most helpful: as early as possible in the project.
  4. Multiple approaches to estimation. We estimate our projects using multiple strategies and utilities and are only satisfied with the accuracy once estimates from all sources are in agreement. No more single developers estimating effort “off the top of their heads”.
  5. Easy change-management procedure. It is always our desire to build exactly what our clients want, and we realize that what is wanted is often a moving target. This is the main reason we design software the way we do (based on volatility). By starting there, we take a lot of the pain out of answering the tough “Can we change X?” types of questions and turn it into a process that keeps stress out of the equation.

From this solid foundation, we enable our team, and our clients, to make only sound and quantifiable decisions regarding their projects. We eliminate the guesswork, and many of the risks, in estimating and delivering the software. The Boomcycle approach to development provides a clear, maintainable, scalable path to delivery. As we get more involved in the project, we will cover all of these details, and more, as well as set the framework under which we do business.

Finally, the very nature of how we decompose software based on two major axes of volatility often help our customers realize great potential to expand the reach of what they build. We often uncover brand new avenues of business or ways to make existing business more efficient or economical.

There is a whole new level of business value added when partnering with Boomcycle.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you succeed.

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