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We’ve learned a lot about the technology business in our over 10 year’s worth of successful operations. We’ve seen many types of technology-dependent companies in a variety of scenarios including:

  • Pure start-up companies that need business-friendly technology expertise
  • Start-ups with VC funding that need developers fast
  • Companies that are operational but need investment in order to fulfill purchase orders
  • Companies that are operational but hemorrhaging cash due to poor technology or software decisions
  • Growing companies that are outpacing their ability to manage their organizations

…and many, many more. It’s rare that business challenges are purely technical in nature. Many challenges need to be informed by business expertise and process change in order to be addressed. Too often, technology-savvy companies will move towards what they hope are technology-based solutions before the real problems are even identified.

Boomcycle has now expanded our service offerings to include technology business consulting. We help executives and entrepreneurs sort out multiple business priorities in order to create an integrated, cohesive and manageable strategy for growth. We guide you so that you can make the right decisions on technology, corporate marketing and sales, operations, organizational development, risk mitigation, productivity and strategy, consulting and mentoring key decision makers.

A key component in our approach to business growth is our Strategic Structural Review.

The Strategic Structural Review for Small Business

Our Strategic Structural Review (SSR) is ideal for companies from 2 to under 50 employees with annual sales less than $25 million. Two of our team principals will spend the day at your location and review your overall company structure, organization, financial plan, general policies and processes. We help you identify significant areas of risk or potential improvement in efficiencies, checks and balances and controls.

The SSR is typically completed over a 1½ day period. The first day is composed of a detailed deep-dive into your business. Day Two is a review of the findings and the outline of an action plan, priorities and timeline.

Based on the specifics of your business we will review many of the following topics:

Day One

  1. Business Goals and Objectives
  2. Overall company form and corporate structure
    1. Company Formation and Governance
  3. Organizational Design
    1. Human Capital
      1. Staffing Plan
      2. Job Descriptions
  4. Authority and Accountability Matrix
  5. Operational Work Flow – Hand-off between key positions.
  6. Corporate Culture
  7. Operational Plan Review
    1. Product Development Process
    2. Supply Chain Design and Management
    3. Service and Support Operations
  8. Financial Plan
    1. P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Review
    2. Key Assumptions Review
    3. Key Metrics & Challenge Points
    4. Funding Requirements
  9. Pricing Review
    1. Price List Strategies and Methodologies
    2. Pricing Formula
  10. Technology Infrastructure
    1. Enterprise Architecture
    2. IT Strategy
    3. Application Management

Day Two

  1. Review of Findings
  2. Establish Key Priorities and Timeline
  3. Identify key benchmarks and performance metrics

Prior to Your SSR Meeting

Before the SRR meeting, our team members review as much of your company’s prepared materials as possible. After we have executed an NDA with you, we will typically establish a shared folder account specifically for this task. We will provide a document request list to include documents such as current financial statements, corporate governance documents, cap table, employee manual, policy and procedure documents, pricing lists, and much more. We review these materials prior to the event and use this information to tailor the review process.

Requirements for the SSR

In order for your company to get the maximum benefit, the first hour of the meeting must be with the key founder(s) or principal owner of the business exclusively. After this period we request that all participants devote their time exclusively to this process. We understand that significant events can happen during any business day and that from time to time emergency situations can require attention. However we request that only truly significant interruptions be allowed during this process.

We have found it is best practice for there to be a number of whiteboards or easels with drawing paper and markers. We request that the client provide at least one white board and two separate easels with drawing pads and markers to properly facilitate the process. We also ask that the client have in the room at least one white wall, or projection screen and we can provide a projector.

Note: price includes travel and related expenses of up to 50 miles from the location of the team principal on the scheduled day of the meeting. Additional charges apply for travel and related expenses if the distance is outside the 50-mile limit. It is Boomcycle’s policy to amortize Air fare, rental care and hotel expenses across multiple clients if traveling to same basic destination


What Is Boomcycle?

Boomcycle is a San Ramon, California technology consulting and custom software solutions provider. We enjoy stable, long-term relationships with dozens of highly-skilled and experienced technology business experts, software engineers, project managers, web designers and software architects throughout the United States.

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