The Ultimate Business Web Page Layout

The Transformation or Results You Promise Your Clients

This paragraph should quickly explain in 1-2 sentences max, how you provide the transformation or results you promise in the headline above.

Jane Doe
Jane Doe@janedoelovesboomcycle
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Here's a great spot for your best piece of social proof / testimonial ever! Should be short and to the point, but long enough to let the reader know this is a real client of your business that had spectacular, life-altering results!

Your Statement of Understanding.

Man surprised at his SEO mistakes!

We understand what you’re going through and what you’re up against.

This set of text must quickly establish that you understand your client’s problems and you know exactly how to help them.

Keep this part reasonably short and simple and give them a link to your CTA.

Benefits: How You Help Your Clients

These sections should list benefits to the client, not features (unless followed immediately by the benefit/outcome/transformation the client receives. 

Reason #1

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Reason #2

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Reason #3

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Testimonials: Video is Best!

Don't Take Our Word for It

See what our actual clients have to say about ABC Solutions.

Here’s Tammey Jones from XYZ Networking, who told us all about her experience working with us.

A Good Spot for a Lead Magnet!

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The Free Checklist

Download your free 10-Point checklist of insider tips to help you decide if you’re on track to solve whatever problem you have that made you want to check out this website. 

The photo to the left should look like the e-book you want them to download. 

Download this free resource! And get their email address, for Pete’s sake.

Step-by-Step Instructions of What to Do Next

The Negative Consequences of Not Taking Action.

Is your shizzle j’d up? Are you underfunded for retirement? Do you lack — what’s that thing — oh yeah, hope? Do you — kind of — smell funny? And that — what’s that thing on you? Can that be removed, or…?

But wait — there’s still time to fix everything!

Now we give them a “Sunny Day” — all the good stuff that will happen if they do choose to work with us. And click our CTA


Testimonials or Logos from Other Happy Clients.

Let's Talk.

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