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A Decade of Client Success.

Here at Boomcycle we have walked an interesting path, working with a variety of different types of businesses in entirely different verticals. From large database-driven manufacturing systems to boutique website design, we have accomplished a great deal in our over decade of business.

We’ve built very large web-based systems for conducting surveys, searching and compiling statistics about real estate data, managing private data for thousands of subscribers of confidential systems, building systems to handle benefits enrollment and conducting security audits for large corporations.

Most of our clients are under NDA. Our lengthy history of successful projects has included:

  • A LAMP-based parallel processing content delivery system for an ecommerce website
  • A large downloadable soft-goods ecommerce website
  • An iPad kiosk app for compiling sports data and generating customer leads
  • Creating a new website for a biotechnology company and building a PDF parser that generates HTML
  • Reanimating a defunct X-View graph plotting system
  • Optimizing some thorny MSSQL queries to make a formerly unusable web-based content management system usable again.
  • Advising and developing iOS code for a financial services company
  • Rescuing a Flash-based CMS website

Following are some testimonials from happy Boomcycle clients.

“From brilliant strategic planning through flawless execution, Boomcycle was crucial during our cloud content delivery network project. When complex, mission critical issues arise, we will always turn to Boomcycle.”

Jerry J. Cipriano
Chief Operating Officer

“An excellent alternative to in-house or contract development. Sourcing the right talent, keeping communication channels open and supplying a great tool kit makes Boomcycle an excellent option.”

Mark Spiegelman , Founder

“We grew very rapidly and our software was being left behind. We didn’t have the in house staff to rewrite our software — a sytstem which we feel gives us an advantage over our competition. We needed to convert/translate an existing working system module by module. We turned to Boomcycle to create a new foundation for our system and rewrite the core software in a current language. This will allow us to add the new functionality to meet our customers’ needs. Boomcycle has been flexible and allowed us to spearhead the project in the direction that we needed to.

Ron Velis
I.T. Manager
American Fruits and Flavors

“This was my first experience developing a mobile application for a client and Boomcycle put me at ease with their attention to detail, constant and concise communication and a willingness to deliver on every last change we threw at them.  The project exceeded expectations, was on-time and on-budget.”

Neil Carl
Sr. Account Executive
Intersport Inc.

We love it when our clients talk about us, but very often, they can’t — or won’t. Why not?

Stealth Mode Friendly Development

Boomcycle works with many web business start-ups, many of whom operate in stealth mode. This means that very often we cannot talk about our clients until they allow us to–sometimes that means never! Some businesses rely on a lack of publicity and other systems are kept behind lock and key for use internally (intranet systems) or for subscribers or paying clients only. Still other projects are by their very nature essentially invisible, such as the xview project one of our developers took on recently which required him to recall his college C++ days.

So how can you be sure that we can do what we say we can do? We can of course take you on a guided tour of the projects we can talk about, as well as (naturally!) provide excellent professional references. We believe that once you speak with one of our brilliant technical project managers and software architects, you will come away from the conversation feeling like you have found an incredible technical resource that will accomplish your technical missions and save your company money on software development.

One of our PMs was recently responsible for 14 C# developers losing their jobs! The client decided he didn’t need these extra people on his development staff once he engaged with Boomcycle’s technical PM. The project is going smoothly now with only one programmer. This saved the client six months of development time and many, many thousands of dollars.

How much time and money can we save your company?

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