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Huge Increase in Relevant Website Visitors from Google

This long-time niche B2B business exploded their relevant website traffic by over 6x during an 18-month SEO campaign. 

Organic visitors per month
Increase in website traffic value
1 x
Newly ranking keywords
1 +
SEO Case study #4

Old School Meets New School

Hyper-niche B2B businesses can be a challenge for SEO, as their search volumes (the number of people searching for keywords related to their business) can be vanishingly small. This makes research extremely challenging.

In addition, the business was founded at a time when word-of-mouth marketing was everything, and SEO was but a glimmer in the eye of the CMO. 

Fortunately, this business was keen to take advantage of any and all marketing channels, and SEO has proven time and again to be one of the lowest cost-per-acquisition marketing channel across industries.


When Boomcycle began working with this business in June 2021, the website averaged a little over 400 visitors per month from SEO. They were attracting about twice that many number of visitors from Google Ads, for which they were paying a handsome sum.

The task for Boomcycle was to increase the organic visitors to the website to lessen the company’s reliance on Google Ads in order to grow their business.

The SEO Audit

The situation on the website when Boomcycle came aboard was fairly typical: an old WordPress theme, many errors, and a pretty unmaintainable website. The situation was bad enough that many plugins were not updated, as doing so might bring the entire website crashing to the ground.

As you might expect, the SEO audit demonstrated many areas for improvement: general HTML fixes, performance enhancements, the addition of structured data, schema and relevant internal links, and an revitalized home page and hero section.

Campaign Planning & Execution

As with all Boomcycle campaigns, we began with digital marketing strategy: doing an extensive deep-dive on their ideal client personas: determining who their target audience was, what they were interested in, and how we could best present what it is that the company did in order to communicate the value.

Once we had isolated the client personas, we set to work doing the topical and keyword research. 

Fortunately, the business had at least one fairly large competitor and another similarly-sized, which we were able to analyze for topic and keyword ideas. Often your competitors are an excellent source of ideas for ranking, and with tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, we can see the keywords for which our competitor’s websites are ranking. If we like those keywords, we can create content and do “off-page” SEO work to try to increase the website’s relevance and authority for those topics and keywords.

Boomcycle brought aboard their best content writer to help preserve the “voice” of the client’s business, while still keeping an eye on topics that would drive the best qualified visitors to the website. The path the client chose was to balance the more editorial style that had been established, combined with the insights from SEO as provided by Boomcycle’s industry niche research.

Written blog and service page content was SEO hyper-optimized to further signal topical authority to Google and the other search engines. On-page content is still the single most important factor in rankings, among 1000s of others in the search algorithm.

The site was updated to a newer WordPress theme, and we began the campaign. 


As you can see, the results of the SEO campaign showed a steady increase in relevant traffic from Google search:

Huge Increase in Relevant Website Visitors 1

The numbers tell the story:

  • From 438 visitors per month to 2,695 relevant visitors per month
  • A traffic value of $1,823 per month to $4,305 per month
  • Paid search of $1,900 per month to just $66 per month 

As we know, Ahrefs stats are a relative approximation; the actual numbers are typically higher, but move proportionately.

The bottom-line is, the client today receives over 6x as many organic visitors from SEO every month as they did when the campaign started. 

Ready to Tell Your Story?

If your niche B2B business is ready to tell your story to the world, SEO is a fantastic marketing tool which helps drive relevant and qualified traffic to your website

When someone searches for the solutions that your business provides, and you appear in the Google search results, your business is now an option for the searcher.

Not appearing in the search results? You’re not an option. 

It’s as simple as that.

When you’re ready to tell your businesses story to the world, contact Boomcycle and we’ll be happy to help shout it from the rooftops of search!