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Welcome to the Learning Center!

Boomcycle Digital Marketing is proud to present our Learning Center, chock-full of all things digital marketing! Topics include the basics, such as “What is Digital Marketing?”, search engine optimization (SEO), modern web design, google search engine optimization guide & much more!

Is Learning Digital Marketing Hard?

Digital Marketing is marketing, evolved. There’s a lot to it, but if you take it step-by-step, you’ll know the basics in no time. In this article, we discuss the scope and practice of online marketing in 2020, giving you a taste of each facet. So go ahead, it’s time to drink from the fire hose that is digital marketing!

Modern Business Web Design

In the beginning of the commercialization of the web, web design meant “paint a pretty picture of my business”. In 2020, web design is an evolved art form, and must be fueled by business knowledge to be truly effective.

The Weird World of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many business stakeholders know they “need SEO”, but they definitely aren’t sure what exactly Search Engine Optimization is.

If you’ve been eager to learn about the dark art of SEO, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization!

A Health Report for Your Business Website

It’s easier than ever to get a health check of your business website with our Website Health Reporting tool. This tool will analyze a variety of on and off-page factors which may be holding you back in the search engine rankings.

How To Do Local Keyword Research

The following is a summary of my local keyword research methods. The way I conduct local keyword research is often similar to my national keyword research methods, with the pesky addition of geo-modifiers.

Is Your Website a Crashing Bore?

Do you know if people find your website to be helpful and interesting, or a dud? Here’s my quick tour of the best ways to see if your content is engaging your visitors.

Hyper-Localized Web Pages for Geo-Specific Web Traffic

“City pages”, or pages that target specific locations for businesses that serve multiple locations, still work, and when built with care and intent, they can serve a valuable purpose.

Website SEO Review

All great websites, just like all great homes, start with a solid technical foundation. Use the Boomcycle website health check tool to see if your website is helping, or hurting, your chances of being found online.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Terminology

If you’ve become concerned about being invited to too many parties, memorize my SEO Glossary of the latest search engine optimization minutiae, and talk about it to anyone within earshot. Your dance card will quickly clear!
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