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Your Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

San Francisco Bay Area’s Boomcycle Digital Marketing offers a full spectrum of digital marketing agency services to give your localregional or national business an unfair advantage over the competition.

SEO Services Agency - Silicon Valley & San Francisco Bay Area

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Sales Leads on Autopilot.

SEO is the best long-term strategy for building  visibility, sales, brand equity and value in your business on the web.

Executing proper on-page and off-page SEO makes your website and its pages compelling to visitors and attractive to search engines, resulting in a continual stream of new business.

Intelligent Web Design

The First Impression You Make.

Does your website present your products or services in the same way that actual people search for it? Does your website engage visitors

Intelligent Web Design ensures your website is designed with your ideal customers in mind, and engages them with the answers they seek.

What is Digital Marketing?
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Paid Search Advertising with Google and Bing

A Turbo Boost for Your Business.

SEO is the best long-term strategy when you plan on staying in business for awhile, but nothing beats paid search advertising on Google and Bing as a quick and controllable marketing channel to your ideal prospects.

It’s easy to get started, create your campaign and start getting visitors to your website. 

Content Marketing

Establishing Your Authority.

Key to your presentation as well as your SEO strategy is creating compelling written and video content, and distributing it in the most effective way possible. 

Our content experts use a combination of their actual brains(!) and the latest AI-fueled tools to create content that retains your brand’s “voice” while satisfying the search engines. 

Content Marketing Boomcycle
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Charting Your Path for Growth.

Starting your digital marketing campaign with a sound strategy is critical for success. The key to an effective strategy is to know your customers and your competition equally well

We begin our strategy intake by learning your goals, your industry, your competition and your timeline, and determine the optimal strategy for success.

Marketing Intelligence System

Where Do Your Leads Come From?

Boomcycle’s Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) offers a comprehensive, real-time view of your marketing channels, tracking everything from phone calls and web forms to PPC & SEO, all in one place.

With MIS, you focus your marketing efforts on what truly works, gaining valuable insights into customer journeys, lead data, and even call transcriptions, fueling your business growth.

Sales Attribution & Leads Manager

The Best Digital Marketing Services Since 2003

At Boomcycle Digital Marketing, our online digital marketing services team works in perfect sync with a variety of strategies across all digital channels to:

…no matter your business niche, industry or service type.

We are local business experts, and our digital marketing services strategies and tactics also help national and international businesses gain exposure and new clients as well. When you think “I wonder if there are any great digital marketing services near me?”, think Boomcycle.

Lead Generation

Every sales team knows you first need leads before you can sell. Our lead generation strategies produce regular, predictable results that enable your company to achieve consistent revenue growth.

Brand Awareness & Online Presence

Be sure you don’t ignore the 95% of your ideal prospects who aren’t ready to buy today. Build brand awareness and ensure your brand is top-of-mind when your audience is in buying mode.

Digital Marketing Services Campaigns

There are many places to put your marketing messages, but some are more effective than others, depending on your goals and industry. Let Boomcycle help you build a comprehensive and highly-effective digital marketing campaign, targeted where your audience lives, works and plays.

Marketing ROI – Return On Investment

Be sure you’re spending your precious marketing dollars wisely with the right marketing strategies and analytics. Optimize your marketing efforts to lure your ideal prospects. Know exactly where your clients and sales came from. ROI tracking is the reason traditional media advertising like TV, radio and print has greatly declined. The precision reporting capabilities of digital marketing is a gold mine for advertisers.

Digital Marketing Specialists Since 2003

Your Target Audience

Wherever your audience lives, we will put your business there: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and Twitter. Build your brand’s image and reputation in the minds of your ideal prospects. Take advantage of new messenger advertising too!

Your Marketing Message

Once you know how your audience is searching for your kind of business, let Boomcycle help you craft the perfect marketing message to ensure that you hit all the beats to move your ideal prospects into buying.

Intelligent Web Design.

Data-Driven Website Design

Business web design is only partly about aesthetics. You must appeal to your best prospects with a message that’s important to them.

Using actual search data from a variety of sources, Boomcycle’s Intelligent Web Design process lets you key in on the optimal marketing beats to ensure your message resonates with your ideal prospects.

website design notes
Bay Area SEO Services

Landing Page Design

Not all Contact Us pages were created equal! A great landing page is a beautiful thing. 

The proper landing page design prevents distracted browsing, and pulls your ideal prospects directly into your sales funnel.

Let Boomcycle’s market-minded web designers create the best possible landing pages for your campaign, and even optimize your pages while your campaign runs.

SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of figuring out what people are looking for, then creating the systems to drive them to the best possible answers to their searches: your website! How does Boomcycle Digital Marketing do that? We have the SEO Tools and the SEO Talent!


Google is the 800 lb gorilla of search engines, and its dominance among search engines shows no signs of abating. Boomcycle builds your website and landing pages to make Google happy, and your business will be rewarded with consistent results. We’ll make Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines happy in the process!


If your brand is maxed out on Google, consider focusing on Bing for new business. Bing can bring in a significant amount of additional visitors to your website.

YouTube & Video

YouTube is the “#2 search engine in the world!” and with good reason: YouTube enjoys the 2nd most search traffic of any website except Google itself. People find lots of helpful and easy-to-digest information on YouTube. Video is a fantastic way to illustrate the answers to their questions. Let Boomcycle help you level up your YouTube & Video content chops!
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Get to Know Our Local SEO

Once primarily a “national-only” strategy, SEO has started to play a larger and more important role for local businesses. There are many plays in our playbook for expanding the visibility of local businesses, including optimizing your Google Business Profile, building location or “city” pages, engagement signal boosting and more.

With Boomcycle’s Local SEO and Google Maps Marketing, you control your local web presence entirely as you grow your lead flow and sales. 

PPC: Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Nothing is faster to produce results than PPC marketing, or as its also known, Search Engine Marketing (SEM). With SEM, you pay Google (or Bing, depending on where you’re advertising) for each click or customer acquisition, as well as a management fee to run your campaign intelligently.

The Good News is it’s the fastest way to acquire new customers for your business. If you need to make a splash and get on the radar, PPC is the way to go.

Google "AdWords" is now Google Ads.

If you’re looking for someone to manage your “AdWords” (what Google Ads used to be called), Boomcycle Digital Marketing has the chops to help you create and optimize your PPC.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the practice of determining the best possible page design to use in order to get as many inquiries or orders as possible.

There are a variety of tools available, but Google’s Optimize is our tool of choice to let your audience choose the best landing page for your advertising campaign.

Google Paid Search Management

Video Marketing & Digital Media

The importance of video in marketing cannot be overstated: video is by far the best way to illustrate complicated subject matter and engage your ideal prospects.

Video bonds the image of your company to your audience, and, when done well, gets your ideal prospects to know, like and trust your brand and your team.

Social Media Marketing

It is said that these days, people may need as many as 20 “touchpoints” (brand messages) before they actually think about buying from you. For brand marketing, social media is an effective way to achieve top-of-mind awareness.

You must put the right message at the right time on the right platform, and speak to the platform’s audience in the right manner in order to find success with social media marketing. Most of all, you simply must do it.

As to that last point: a little automation never hurt. 🙂

Success is 50% perspiration, 50% automation. 


Social Media Platforms


As much as Google is king of search, Facebook is still king of social media, with nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users, and climbing. If you have a home, lifestyle or impulse type of product or service, Facebook is the best place to put your message.


For as Facebook-like as it is becoming, LinkedIn is the best business-to-business (B2B) platform. People on LinkedIn have a more business mindset. However, LinkedIn advertising is expensive, and you must plan your advertising campaign very carefully to avoid wasting money.


Twitter is a celebrity’s dream “mass text messaging” system, a real free-for-all, and de rigueur in terms of profile completeness. Google likes to see that you have a Twitter feed, for one thing.

Especially for national brands, we recommend including Twitter in your outreach strategy.

Influencer Marketing

Most people know “influencers” as the Kim Kardashians of the world, but did you know that ‘micro-influencers’ can also be B2B, button-down business types, can be affordable and can help to drive completely unknown brands into early visibility?

Let Boomcycle help you target micro influencers to establish your brand online.

Reputation Management

Review Websites

Everyone is familiar with review websites, such as Yelp, Google and Citypages. But there are also niche-specific review websites, like TripAdvisor, Zocdoc (healthcare), Angie’s List (home services), (one guess there), etc.

Negative reviews can be damaging disproportionate to the service. Sometimes, people simply want to give a bad review, just because “No one else has done it, and I’ll be different!”

Let Boomcycle help you manage your reputation online, with strategies to help you build your brand effectively, while mitigating the effects of the inevitable bad reviews.

Great modern web design


Testimonials are one of the most effective and important pieces of content you can have on your website.

A written testimonial on a review website is nice, but a video testimonial on your own site is pure gold. With a video testimonial, everyone can see it’s a real person, giving a real opinion, in real-time.

Every type of business can benefit from testimonials, from the smallest local business to national and international brands. Let Boomcycle help you with a testimonial acquisition strategy to get your best clients talking about your business in the best way possible!

Email Marketing Campaigns

The earliest internet marketing campaign was via email, and to this day, email remains the most trusted and effective way to advertise your business to those who’ve opted in to your mailing list.

Email marketing is a direct line of communication to your best prospects, and one of the few online channels that you truly own.

Let Boomcycle Digital Marketing guide you through the murky, olde-tymey waters of email marketing, and make your email outreach as effective as possible.

Email Marketing Campaigns
Web Management: Web Hosting and Security

Web Development

Boomcycle started as a web development company, way back in 2003. Today, we continue to build web applications, and enjoy ongoing relationships with talented web developers around the country and the world.

If your company has specific requirements that can’t be met by “off-the-shelf” or SaaS systems, let Boomcycle build you the web or database system to help your business function at peak efficiency and grow.

Small Business Digital Marketing Services Company

Boomcycle Digital Marketing launched in 2003 helping local businesses achieve visibility online, and though we’ve helped businesses large and small since, we’ve never forgotten our “local roots”.

The same techniques we employ for Big National and International Brands are even more effective when applied to local marketing, since local businesses don’t typically pay sufficient attention to their online marketing.

Dominate your competition with Boomcycle’s Small Business Digital Marketing services, and move your sales needle to the max.

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The Digital Marketing Agency with a Difference

While Boomcycle Digital Marketing of San Ramon and Pleasanton California, employs many tried-and-true online marketing strategies, we don’t only do “paint-by-numbers” digital marketing. 

Boomcycle’s Intelligent Web Design process is one of the most significant advances in web marketing since web design first became a “thing” back in the 1990s. Our Business Visibility packages encompass the full spectrum of digital marketing technologies available, giving your business an “unfair” advantage over your competitors.

In addition to being the founder, Boomcycle’s David Victor is a music business industry veteran, who has successfully marketed multiple artists in one of the toughest industries (live music) for over 20 years. In fact, his SEO campaigns directly result in new clients each and every year since he founded Boomcycle in 2003. 

How much online marketing help does your company need?

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