Know What Sells.

Boomcycle’s new Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) gives you a real-time view of the channels that drive leads, MQLs, SQLs and revenue. Track phone calls, chats, web forms, PPC & SEO, all in one spot!

Which Of Your Marketing Channels Are Working?

So you are doing great SEO, you’re doing Google Ads, you’ve optimized your Google Business Profile, you’re advertising on Facebook, you’re sharing on LinkedIn — you’re covering all your bases, right?

How do you know which of these channels is really working for your business?

And if you did know which channel or channels are working the best, would you elect to pour more gas on that sales fire

Boomcycle's Marketing Intelligence System

sales attribution dashboard
All your leads and sales data, none of the confusing Google Analytics mumbo-jumbo!

The Marketing & Sales Intelligence
You Need To Grow Your Business.

The Boomcycle Marketing Intelligence System (MIS) tracks all your channels, in real time, in one place. You get:

  • Phone call tracking & recording
  • Web form tracking
  • Chat integration & tracking
  • Ecommerce integration & tracking
  • HIPAA Compliance available

It’s a plethora of sales intelligence, presented in an easy-to-digest BI dashboard.

You’ll see which leads came from your Google Business Profile (Google maps listing), organic SEO, Google Ads, even other search engines like DuckDuckGo and Yahoo.

Sales intelligence need not be solely about the final result. With MIS (and privacy implementation), you can also listen to how your sales reps handle phone calls, and even get an accurate written transcription.

And you’ll be getting valuable sales and leads data the moment we take your MIS integration live.

So what are you waiting for?

Your clients are ready to share with you which marketing channels they prefer.

Measuring ROI - The Boomcycle Marketing Intelligence System 1
Lead data, customer journey, call recording and call transcription, all in one place.
Which pages generated leads?

Boomcycle MIS:
Focus Your Marketing on What Works.

Marketing and sales intelligence is critical if you are to win against the competition. But if your sales team is like many, they probably can’t translate Google Analytics’ website statistics to, you know, English. 

With Boomcycle’s MIS, you and anyone you designate on your team can see the Big Marketing Picture in real time.

Contact us to find out what marketing channels are working for your company today.

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