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Lily HorstLily Horst

When our business website needed an "extreme makeover", we were fortunate enough to be connected to David Victor and Boomcycle Digital Marketing. Unlike other web agencies we'd spoken to, David took the time to really understand our market and the kind of prospects we wanted to attract. His attention to detail is exemplary. David and his team did exceptional work, always keeping us in the loop on the status of our new website. I highly recommend David & Boomcycle. I want to give them 10 stars, so I will! ******** Highly recommended!!

Thomas LokerThomas Loker

I have worked with David, and his team, on many projects over the years. He is an inspired marketer, with both good instincts and a drive to incorporate data driven analysis to achieve maximum return.

I would unequivocally recommend Boomcycle to anyone. I have seen what David has been able to do both for his own businesses as well as those of others. If you want results focused advice and performance, contact Boomcycle.

Tamra BedfordTamra Bedford

Before Boomcycle my business was mainly print advertising. David's expertise in Web sites and Digital Marketing brought more traffic to my business an a short amount of time. David took time to understand my business and optimize functionality of my site with patience, creativity, innovation and eye catching detail. Feels like I was working with a partner. I would like to express my gratitude to David! David is a pleasure to work with.

Riff Raff CustomsRiff Raff Customs

David is my go-to Bay Area SEO expert. My business was invisible on the internet. David’s team built us a new great looking mobile website design and did monthly search engine optimization work. We started to see our business pop up in Google over some of our toughest competitors. Even some national brands with franchises in our area.

Peggy Wynne BorgmanPeggy Wynne Borgman

My writing and editing website was doing nothing...basically functioning as a business card, not a marketing tool. David performed a digital marketing makeover, boosting my search rankings and enabling me to attract more clients. Though I have a marketing background, David's detailed fact-finding, research and insights helped me completely rethink my business, my services and my ideal clients. It was an awesome discovery exercise. Better yet, I don't have to worry about keeping up with Google's ever-changing search whims. That's David's job now!

Adam SchumanAdam Schuman

Boomcycle is amazing. It's the best SEO agency in the the bay area. Their services have simultaneously increased sales and brand recognition- and when customers come into my shop and tell me how far they traveled, it becomes obvious that we have become a destination store. David Victor has put the store to task, given great insight/ideas, and is a pleasure to work with. Investing in Boomcycle has been a great move for us. Check them out!

Thomas LokerThomas Loker

Our partnership with Boomcycle has really gone amazingly well so far. David, Steve and the whole team have helped us understand how better SEO and a great web design builds visibility for our business and drives visitors to our website. We heard a lot of promises from bay area SEO agencies when we were shopping around for the right fit. I can say that in just a few months, we've seen a 300%+ increase in inquiries on our website. Seems like David and his Boomcycle team was the right fit for us!

Jeffery SJeffery S

Being a small and somewhat weird business, we struggled to find a marketing agency that understood our niche and our customers. After many ups and downs, we finally have found a company that knew how to help us grow, Boomcycle. David and his team were not familiar with our industry, but within a matter of days they were showing us the websites of competitors that we didn't even know existed. Most importantly, we now have a steady flow of new sales inquiries from our website. It's been great working with Boomcycle and we definitely plan on continuing to work with them.


David and his team at Boomcycle have been a great find for us. As opposed to other marketers in the Bay Area that we've tried in the past, David took the time to really understand our commercial HVAC business from the ground up, looking at our competition, and clearly explaining to us what we needed to do to rise above our competitors in Google. His "boutique marketing agency" approach has worked perfectly for our very customized needs. He's ensured that we're retaining the voice our customers know us for, and not just cranking out articles and videos that only a search engine could love. Search engine optimization and digital marketing overall can be very hard to understand, and David has remained very patient as we've learned. There are always ups and downs when you don't fully control the outcome, but the "ups" have blown away any temporary "downs" and we look forward to a continued successful business partnership with the Boomcycle team.

Ben ThompsonBen Thompson

I have been working with Boomcycle for the last six months. The services I used were web development, marketing, and analytics. David helped me create a marketing strategy for my website. Steve was a mastermind at analytics tracking, which was invaluable. Good value. Great team to work with. Most importantly, they helped my business get results and grow.

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