Your Business Discovery Process

Working together, we determine and target your ideal business prospects.
Strategic Digital Marketing Guidance from David Victor & Boomcycle Digital Marketing

Today’s buyer makes on average 70% of their buying decision online, before they ever contact your sales team –or your competitor’s sales team. What kind of first impression does your business make?

How would you describe your ideal prospect for your business?

The factors that make for your ideal prospect is also known as a persona.

You may wish to speak to multiple ideal prospect personas based on classic demographics:

  • Marital status
  • Income range
  • Millennials
  • Owners of SMBs
  • C-suite Executives

You can also include a temporal component:

  • Newly married
  • New home owner
  • Retirement
  • New business owner

How does your website’s presentation speak to your ideal prospects?

Understanding your ideal prospects and developing irresistible marketing pitches is the purpose of Boomcycle’s Business Discovery Process service. 

This process is informed by you and your years of experience. Then we add our own “secret sauce”: we look at search engine data to see how real people are really searching for businesses such as yours.

If they don’t know you exist, they aren’t looking for you by name. So how do they describe it? 

Even in our own niche, there are a multitude of ways to describe what we do:

  • web marketing
  • online marketing
  • digital marketing
  • online advertising
  • digital agency

…you get the idea. People search in ways that make sense to them, not necessarily using the language that you use in the day-to-day operations of your business.

How do your best prospects search for you?

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