The SEO Glossary

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Terminology

If you’ve become concerned about being invited to too many parties, memorize my SEO Glossary of the latest search engine optimization minutiae, and talk about it to anyone within earshot. Your dance card will quickly clear!

The SEO Glossary - It will make you so popular!
Okay, so you’re good with “alone time”.

Okay, so you’re good with “alone time”. Perfect! Learning SEO requires an understanding of the obscure, jargon-filled terminology associated with the process.

I’ve put together the following glossary containing some of the most common SEO terms and definitions. I’ve also provided the occasional helpful link which can be used as a reference while learning about the SEO process. 

This glossary can be read from start to finish. It is roughly in alphabetical order, though occasionally sorted by importance of concept.

For example, if I reference SERPs, but I haven’t told you what a SERP is, it’s a bit annoying.

This is something that always bugged me in the past about glossaries.


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