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How to Find & Share Your Google Reviews Link

Looking to boost your online visibility and brand reputation in Google? Sharing your reviews link with happy customers is the best way. Here's how!
Find and share your Google reviews link

Sharing Your Google Reviews and Building Trust with Your Audience

Are you looking to boost your online visibility and build brand trust? Your Google reviews link is a powerful tool for achieving these goals.

By sharing this link, you’re making it easy for customers to leave reviews, improving search rankings and influencing buying decisions.

You’ll learn how to create and share your review link using techniques like the Place ID Finder tool or manual Google searches.

We’ll also delve into strategies for responding to reviews – showcasing that you value customer feedback can lead to improved brand perception and customer loyalty.

Let’s explore how you can effectively use Google reviews as part of your business strategy. Get ready to optimize your online presence!

Understanding Google Reviews

Google reviews are not just about boosting your business reputation, but they are also a vital step towards improving your search ranking and shaping the perception of your brand in the eyes of potential customers.

The importance and impact of these reviews cannot be overstated. They provide you with essential customer feedback that can help improve your products or services.

And Google likes to see them. A consistent velocity of reviews (i.e., reviews that appear regularly on your Google Business Profile) is an important ranking factor in Google Maps.

How to Find & Share Your Google Reviews Link 1
The Google Maps listings are highly visible for your business

Actively seeking out these reviews is a strategy for increasing visibility on Google’s search engine, building credibility among customers, and managing your online reputation effectively.

Remember, the more positive reviews you have, the higher chance you’ll appear in relevant searches. So don’t overlook this key aspect. Utilize it to gain an edge over competitors by showcasing your brand’s strengths through authentic customer experiences.

Creating a Review Link

Creating a review link doesn’t have to be a complex task; you can easily generate one from your Google Business Profile, as long as you already manage it.

The simplest way is to do a Google search for your business’ name (not your website).

For example, when I search for “Boomcycle Digital Marketing”, I see this in the search results:

How to Find & Share Your Google Reviews Link 2
The Google Business Profile for Boomcycle Digital Marketing, as shown in the search results

Next, simply click the copy link icon, as shown here:

How to Find & Share Your Google Reviews Link 3
The copy link icon in Google Business Profile

It’s a good idea to put this link somewhere safe so that you can reference it easily in emails to your favorite customers without going through all the Google rigamarole.

Now, when your customer clicks on the link you sent them, they are presented your review form on a silver platter:

How to Find & Share Your Google Reviews Link 4
This is what your customer will see when they click your review link. Easy!

Your customers’ feedback is now just a click away!

Sharing the Review Link

Once you’ve got that review link in hand, it’s time to spread the word and invite your valued customers to leave their feedback. The importance of customer feedback cannot be overstated, as it boosts your online reputation, enhances customer experience, and helps in building brand trust.

Share the Google reviews link via email, on social media platforms, or even through SMS messaging. Encourage customers to share their honest experiences with your business and services.

Always make sure to track reviews using review tracking tools like Google Business Profile Manager. This will help you stay informed about what’s being said about your business and respond promptly.

Remember, every positive review increases the benefits of Google reviews by improving local search rankings and attracting more potential customers.

Responding to Reviews

Managing customer feedback is more than just collecting reviews; it’s about engaging with your customers.

When you respond to their opinions, you’re building customer loyalty and increasing customer engagement. This not only improves your reputation management but also leads to customer experience improvement.

Your response shows that you value their thoughts and are willing to make changes based on their input. So, always acknowledge positive feedback with gratitude and address negative comments by offering solutions or apologies when necessary. This can turn a dissatisfied client into a loyal one.

Remember, every review provides an opportunity for growth and better service delivery, so take advantage of it!

Improving Brand Perception

Harnessing the power of customer feedback is crucial in improving brand perception. By understanding the importance of online reputation, you can increase customer trust and enhance your brand image.

Positive reviews not only boost your credibility but also showcase the strengths of your brand.

On the other hand, constructive criticism provides valuable insights into areas that need improvement.

A professional tone in all your customer feedback is essential. I’ve definitely done business with companies who received terrible reviews, but clearly responded in a caring and professional way. This demonstrates that you take criticism seriously, and that you wish to resolve any and all complaints amicably.

By taking a proactive approach, you paint a positive picture of your brand, which helps retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Ultimately, responding to reviews positively and caringly enhances your overall brand perception.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encourage my customers to leave a Google review for my business?

Encourage reviews by highlighting the importance of customer feedback. Offer incentives for leaving a review, use positive reinforcement, and interact strategically with your customers. Remember, asking for reviews at the right time can boost responses.

How can I handle negative reviews on my Google Business Profile?

To manage negative reviews, implement effective review management. Analyze feedback, understand its negative impact and initiate crisis communication to resolve issues. This proactive approach aids in reputation repair, turning negatives into opportunities for improvement.

What are the best practices to follow when responding to a Google review?

When responding to a Google review, maintain proper review etiquette. Select a respectful tone, demonstrate empathy towards the customer’s experience, acknowledge their feedback, and offer constructive criticism if needed.

Can I delete a Google review if it’s false or damaging to my business?

Yes, you can report a false or damaging Google review. Prioritize review authenticity and reputation management. Report the review to Google for violation of their policies. If necessary, consider legal recourse for serious damage control.

How can I integrate my Google reviews link into my website or social media platforms?

You can enhance user experience by embedding your Google reviews link on your website or social media. Use link customization for seamless integration, monitor reviews for SEO benefits and analyze feedback to improve strategies.


It’s vital for your business to harness the power of Google reviews. Creating and sharing a review link can encourage customer feedback, boost your online visibility, and enhance brand trust.

Remember to interact with reviewers regularly – their opinions matter.

Follow guides and newsletters for more strategies on optimizing Google reviews.

Don’t underestimate the role of these reviews in influencing buying decisions and improving search rankings.