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Boomcycle Digital Marketing is a San Francisco Bay Area SEO marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization. We help your business increase visibility online to drive sales.

We SEO. You Grow.

Boomcycle is a full-service digital marketing SEO agency, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in search engine optimization for businesses who need to build awareness in their market.

Our mission is to make you visible in Google when your ideal prospects are looking for the services and products you provide.

Using only “white hat” techniques, best practices and the latest cutting-edge strategies, we learn the problems, interests and language of your best customers.

The result is website and off-page content that directly addresses the key pain points of your ideal business prospects, positions your business as the authority and drives the perfect prospects to your website.

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You’ve Found Your SEO Experts.

If you’ve been searching for a professional Bay Area SEO agency to help your niche business gain online visibility in Google and Bing, David Victor’s Boomcycle Digital Marketing, conveniently located in San Ramon and Pleasanton, CA, is your SEO answer.

For nearly two decades, search engine specialist David Victor has worked with dozens of companies and improved their rankings and visibility in Google & Bing.

Boomcycle Digital Marketing engineers laser-focused search engine optimization campaigns and paid search campaigns that elevate your website in the Google rankings, giving your brand unlimited visibility.

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Capturing eyes and ears with SEO
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Search Engine Optimization creates Equity in Your Business.

Search engines are what people use to find resources and solutions to their problems. 

Great SEO encourages search engines to show your website above your competitors when your target audience searches in a variety of ways using your most valuable keywords. It’s on-demand advertising and branding for companies who need to reach any potential customer. 

People don’t search on Facebook or Instagram. If your domain is not visible in the search engine results, your business is not an option.

And while techniques such as PPC enable you to rent space in the search results, great SEO solutions encourage searchers to click on your link and visit your website in perpetuity.

Your revenue goals with digital marketing may be more than great SEO. We specialize in WordPress website design, but we can deliver visitors to your site if you use Webflow, Wix, Weebly, or anything else starting with a “W”! We also offer secure web hosting, with servers and resources that power some of the most popular website domains on the planet.

Once you have a visitor on your website, you must show your visitors how you solve their problems and get them into your sales funnel.

95% of your website visitors are not ready to buy today. They are checking you out. Take the opportunity to engage them, get them onto your email list and drip them valuable information. 

SEO for long-term growth of your B2B business

San Francisco & Silicon Valley

B2B SEO Services in the Bay Area.

Bay Area SEO services provided through Boomcycle are myriad: technical SEO, web design, website speed optimization, keyword research, content marketing strategy, off-page factors, and even local SEO consulting for Bay Area, California and nationwide businesses. Services include:

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Strategic Link-Building.

Writing articles or creating videos for your website that deliver backlinks are our specialty. We help companies create Power Pages. Natural anchor text is also an important consideration.

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Citation Building.

We create 100% consistent mentions of your company’s information on web 2.0 properties throughout the internet which help your local business shine in the search results.

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Reputation Management.

Reviews from your company’s biggest fans where applicable (and legal!) is a key factor in social proof, and helps to convince your ideal prospects.

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Google Business Profile Optimization & Content.

A must-have for businesses that rely on local business as well as local employees. Regular posting puts you ahead of the competition. Don't ignore Google's key "social" property!

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What Are Your Best Prospects Searching For?

As a marketer, you must try to sell into the demand, not try to create demand. Is your business in demand?

We use a variety of tools and techniques to help us understand what people are really looking for. We can also see what kinds of questions they’re asking, and the types of content Google considers relevant. These same techniques helped us develop the content you’re reading on this web page right now. The importance of audience research cannot be overemphasized: targeted content generates search engine results, website traffic, links and most importantly, revenue

Creating demand is an expensive business activity for companies. Some businesses and entrepreneurs get lucky, and create a product or service that the world wanted, but simply couldn’t conceive of it.

Some people win the lottery too.

A simpler process is to find out what people are actually searching for, provide that product or service, and create content to establish you as an authority in your domain.

For more clever strategies like this, contact your Boomcycle SEO consultant in the Bay Area today, and let’s talk.

On-Page Factors Matter to Your Visitors (and Google!)

We did a survey in June 2020 of over 50 wealth manager websites in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, measuring SEO, presentation and engagement.

The median SEO-friendliness rating of these websites was a 46 out of 100, leaving a lot of room for improvement. Most of these fixes are relatively simple, “quick win potential” technical and content factors. The businesses that make the right changes to their website design get “easy wins”, compared to their competition. But most business owners simply do nothing. That’s a potential win for your organization.

The first step in our search engine optimization projects is to repair the web pages on our client’s websites to be technically sound and most importantly, address the questions and problems of their ideal prospects.

Using our internet marketing tools and techniques, we can see if people are interested in a domains product, service, or topic. We can measure your audience’s demand for your product or service by doing deep keyword and topical research.

One simple on page optimization to achieve quality search results is to start with a page or two targeted at your highest margin opportunities using the language your clients use.

For example, if you are a medical device manufacturer, and your highest value-per-minute service is microplastics, then we might create a page to support that service showing up in the search results.

When you work with a business to business SEO company in the Bay Area such as Boomcycle, you will receive effective strategic and actionable advice that won’t overwhelm your capacity to deliver.

SEO On-Page Factors Matter to Google
SEO = Revenue Generation

SEO = Revenue Generation

In marketing, there is no one “silver bullet”, and companies in markets including San Jose, Oakland, Alameda, San Francisco, Castro Valley, Livermore to Walnut Creek do everything they can in the pursuit of revenue generation. 

Often, CMOs and business owners gravitate towards social media tactics as it seems the least expensive route, requiring the least amount of effort. Naturally, some amount of effort in social media is a piece of the marketing puzzle.

But the experience of most companies shows that social media does not cause the phone to ring, or generate high buyer-intent leads. Users are not searching on social media. More like television, they are simply being presented with images and information to which they “react”. 

Even PPC and SEM, while producing more rapid results, tends to generate lower-quality leads. An SEO campaign is a long-term growth strategy for the generation of leads and revenue.

There is a reason why SEO companies and professionals are busier than ever today: they help companies increase their search engine rankings and conversions, which ultimately generates money. 

First impression of your website design is critical

An SEO Company To Grow With.

The more web sites that appear on the internet, the more data a search engine has to account for. How will your website get the attention and traffic it deserves? 

Google’s mission is to provide the best possible answer for a given search. Web pages and the text within them that don’t communicate well are not good additions to the index. 

Your marketing agency must be able to create an optimization strategy to convince Google that your brand is a source of value to its searchers, and not just taking up space in its search index. 

It’s no surprise that many “traditional” PR and marketing agencies, even some of the newer social media-centric agencies, simply do not possess this expertise at all. 

If your business needs to find a way to stand out, call or email us today. 


Internet Marketing and SEO Experts.

The top search engine optimization services and digital marketing services understand how to help you reach your goal of visibility in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Your consultant or agency must have SEO experts on their team, or you may never be able to succeed with internet marketing and reach your target audience. You need professionals who understand content marketing practices, PR and how to get the right targeted result. Details matter, like anchor text ratios, how to use video effectively, the best type of article to write, down to the very words on the page. And you must track results and KPIs using Google Analytics or a similar reporting package. 

So much goes into a successful search ranking campaign, it’s no wonder that most Bay Area SEO agencies and consultants simply aren’t up to the task. As the old saying goes, to someone with a hammer, every single thing looks like a nail. 

So how can you know if you have the best quality partner, and if you’re getting the most bang for the buck?

Ask your potential agency to show you the results they’ve achieved for other clients. If they have a management process in place, you should receive a list of every profile they’ve ranked. 

If they don’t have such results, they are sending a message that they don’t have a repeatable process for SEO success. 

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