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Businesses, high-tech or low-tech, in San Jose, CA, need savvy San Jose SEO experts to increase their visibility on google. Boomcycle Digital Marketing, just up the 680 in Pleasanton, CA is the perfect visibility partner.


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The Best San Jose SEO Company (& More!)

Boomcycle is a San Jose SEO and digital marketing company with two decades of extensive knowledge in white hat search engine optimization, SEO keyword placement, intelligent web design, paid search advertising, and lead generation using ethical, cutting-edge marketing techniques.

As a leading San Jose SEO agency, Boomcycle brings to the table full-service SEO and experts in the field of digital marketing that can make your business prosper on the internet. As your San Jose Search Engine Optimization partner, we carefully strategize your online presence and help you rank on the 1st page of Google.

With our office located in Pleasanton, only a short drive from San Jose, we are the best option to manage your internet persona, so you can focus entirely on your core business.

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Boomcycle - A Trendsetting San Jose SEO Agency

Finding the perfect location for your San Jose business is the first step toward a profitable venture. And gaining visibility and a competitive advantage over your competitors is tied for first.

Whether you only have a physical store or not, companies in today’s unpredictable commercial climate can only survive and excel by having a solid online presence.

After all, the very first place anyone searches for a business, be it for information, reviews, or contact, is on the internet.

So, is your business in or around San Jose, CA, struggling to stay ahead of your competition in search engines? Do you want to rank on Page 1 of Google and use San Jose SEO services to gain visibility on the internet? Boomcycle Digital Marketing is here to help.

San Jose city skyline

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

SEO Company San Jose

Extensive SEO Planning

Adopting a holistic approach, our San Jose SEO digital company analyzes and optimizes your website to engage visitors and convert them into revenue-generating leads. Our strategy includes various white-hat SEO techniques in tune with the latest search engine algorithms leading to long-term organic traffic and sales.

Google Ads Management

Boomcycle advertises your most searchable services and products to the right people across Google and their partner platforms. Moreover, through our San Jose SEO services, we optimize your landing page, use appropriate keywords, manage bids, and work on your ad copy for guaranteed results.

Local & Regional SEO

As a San Jose SEO expert, we specialize in increasing your local online presence via in-depth search engine optimization, placing you as a top search result on Google, Yahoo Local, Bing, and the like. This helps establish your brand and increases direct sales as more customers discover your San Jose business online.

Content Marketing

We create sharable and informative content in your own unique "voice," building upon your authority as an industry leader. Our San Jose SEO experts can either work with your in-house content team or take over entirely, focusing on generating articles, infographics, and blogs that rank high on Google and encourage visitors to take action.

Complete Digital Marketing

Whatever the size of your company, we execute an intensive, multifaceted marketing plan to engage and convert prospective clients. Our San Jose SEO services and marketing packages include everything from web design and ecommerce setup to on-page SEO, link building, content development, as well as technical maintenance and assistance.

Total Website Management

Our Web Management packages include monthly website maintenance, optimization, and security. In particular, during our SEO audit, we focus on website speed optimization, removing duplicate content, fixing broken links, and performing competitor analysis to spearhead your business locally and nationally.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Why Do You Need A Trendsetting San Jose Seo Agency?

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the present-day influencer era, it is that the internet is a great equalizer. Whether a big or small company, a newcomer, or someone who has been in business for decades, the digital space favors all, equally.

A similar ethos exists across San Jose. While many believe that the city only caters to tech companies, it is, in reality, an idyllic location for businesses across the board.

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San Jose SEO Agency | Boomcycle 2

San Jose welcomes everyone! Irrespective of your background or professional interest. But it can often become a challenge to shine amongst the thousands of hopefuls that start their companies in this inspiring city every year.

With so much commercial movement happening across San Jose, it has become imperative for establishments to invest in branding and digital marketing if they wish to survive in today’s consumer-centric business world.

A job best reserved for a San Jose SEO agency with a finger on the pulse of the city’s heartbeat – Boomcycle!

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Your Success Is Our Success

We Are The Best Seo Company For San Jose Businesses!

When your company in San Jose is seeking help with your national, regional or local SEO services and campaigns, where do you turn to for help?

Quite honestly, there are many search engine optimization factors in play, like enterprise SEO, global SEO, link building, search engine marketing (or pay-per-click advertising), voice search SEO, ecommerce SEO, mobile SEO, video SEO, and web development.

Add to that conversion rate optimization, email marketing, mobile marketing (show up on Google Maps!), social media marketing & automation, online reputation management, and landing page creation, and it’s incredibly difficult to even know what questions to ask a search engine optimization company or online advertising company. 

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San Jose at Night

Most importantly, if the company is not near the San Jose area, chances are you’ll never be able to meet with them in person, authenticate the company’s reputation, much less hear from a previous client. Do they have any previous San Jose search engine optimization clients? How about a San Jose web design client? With so many firms vying for your SEO and SEM business, it’s hard to know who to trust genuinely.

With Boomcycle Digital Marketing Agency just up the 680 a few miles in Pleasanton, all these concerns are put to rest. We’re always happy to meet at your office in the south bay or at ours, right here at our beautiful HQ on Hopyard Road in Pleasanton.

Let us know when you’re ready to make your business visible globally, nationally, regionally, or locally on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine on the planet.

Santana Row, San Jose

A Lesson In San Jose Seo And Marketing

Santana Row in San Jose

Named after Frank M. Santana, a local who served on the city’s planning commission in the 1950s, Santana Row is one of the must-visit places in San Jose.

Whether in the market for a car (Tesla), books (Amazon Books), a workout (Hot 8 Yoga), bespoke fashion (Bonobos, Boutique Harajuku), or simply passing the time, San Jose’s much-loved shopping district will charm you with its colorful array of showrooms and urban village-like atmosphere.

Interestingly, one can learn essential marketing lessons when spending a leisurely day at Santana Row. The district is no different from the internet, wherein multiple businesses compete for your attention simultaneously.

However, the most successful stores are the ones that impress you instantly, be it through their shop window, a structured layout that makes in-store spending easy, or their brand name that has a dominating presence thanks to effective advertising.

Moreover, it is the stores that are the most visible and have established their leadership in the industry that people search and visit first. Online, you can accomplish this by using a San Jose SEO company with expertise in local SEO, link building, on-page SEO, content writing, and other San Jose search engine optimization services. 

Why Is Boomcycle The Best San Jose SEO Company For Your Business?

As a top San Jose SEO agency, we work closely with our clients, creating customized strategies that take an all-inclusive approach toward brand awareness.

Our services include every aspect of online marketing, from Google-friendly content creation to link building and database building through email lists.

Boomcycle offers you the best San Jose SEO services and a complete digital marketing package as we work with the single aim of growing your online presence, leading to phenomenal short and long-term outcomes.

San Jose SEO Agency | Boomcycle 5

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

SEO Company San Jose


Boomcycle takes immense pride in its customer-centric approach, placing your business growth as the prime focus of our relationship. Over the years, we have worked with a diverse set of San Jose businesses and continue to be their go-to option for any new SEO services, website management, and online marketing campaigns.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is paramount when implementing a successful digital marketing campaign with search engine optimization at its very core. As a San Jose SEO agency, we already possess in-depth information about regional consumer habits and preferences. We can thus quickly set in motion a plan to make your company shine online.

Comprehensive Experience

Our team, under the leadership of David Victor, consists of top web developers, SEO writers, and online marketing professionals having years of experience in their respective fields. Their passion for providing clients with only the best has made Boomcycle the leading San Jose SEO expert over the past decade.

Responsive Customer Support

Boomcycle’s responsive customer support includes everything from tackling unforeseen website issues and database-building requirements to search engine optimization and providing monthly reports on your company’s online progress. Moreover, our San Jose SEO experts regularly analyze competitor data to ensure we always have you two steps ahead of them.

David Victor: Founder With a Passion for SEO.

Guiding Boomcycle with a passion, the kind shown by locals towards the city’s much-adored ice hockey team, the San Jose Sharks, is founder David Victor. A California Bay Area native, he resides in San Ramon, a quick hop away from San Jose.

David’s obsession with search engine optimization and its many revenue-earning possibilities dates back to 2003, the year he started Boomcycle. Over the past two decades, his accelerated involvement in the field has made him a leading authority in digital marketing and a San Jose SEO expert.

Boomcycle proved a key piece of David’s eclectic self-made career. In 2008, he was discovered on YouTube (using some early SEO techniques) by the legendary group BOSTON, and in 2011, he founded, a live event lead generation company. David gained an understanding of every aspect of the music industry, touring with BOSTON on two North American tours. David also founded the hospital music charity Harmony & Healing in 2018.

Our team takes inspiration from David’s extensive knowledge and direction and approaches every assignment with a problem-solving mindset. Being a local company, our San Jose SEO services and strategies focus on individual client requirements rather than using cookie-cutter practices that hardly ever lead to lasting results.

Paving the way to triumph and with a mission to assist small and medium-sized companies in achieving their very best through search engine optimization, content creation, and all-inclusive digital marketing, Boomcycle is undoubtedly YOUR best option for a San Jose SEO agency.

San Jose SEO Agency | Boomcycle 6

As an enterprising leader and business owner, David understands the nuances of managing a company in a competitive environment.

Making an Impact!

First impression of your website design is critical

For any business wanting to conquer the digital space, the primary marketing philosophy remains the same as that of a brick-and-mortar store. But the idea is not just to attract passing customers. Or, in the case of your online presence, have people visit your website and not take any action.


We at Boomcycle take a holistic approach to boost your brand. Our San Jose SEO services first help shine a spotlight on your business online, making sure it is visible to all prospective customers. Then, we work towards converting even first-time visitors to your website into life-long loyalists of your brand.


Moreover, as a top San Jose SEO expert and digital agency, Boomcycle guides you at every step of this endeavor, creating a business relationship that grows stronger with your success.


SEO techniques, from link-building and creating informative content to keyword use and on-page SEO, helps rank your website on the top page of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) organically. This is directly related to increased website traffic resulting in sales and revenue.

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo take into account various factors when selecting content to show on their top pages. These include metadata, short and long-tail search keywords, content relevance and quality, backlinks, website loading time, site credibility, and more.

In short, no. It’s pertinent to note that search engine algorithms often change, requiring constant watch and making necessary changes to your SEO strategy as and when required. Moreover, you need to consistently update information and use SEO services on your website to keep it ranking high on Google. The outcome of being regular is continuous organic traffic resulting in sales. Therefore, while SEO is not a one-time investment, it doesn’t have to be expensive when done right.

White-hat SEO techniques that your San Jose SEO agency should implement are, claiming your business listing, going mobile-first with your website, keyword research, on-page search engine optimization, backlinks, faster website loading time, and shareable SEO optimized content.

You can undoubtedly use black-hat SEO. However, expect to be penalized by search engines when they catch you eventually. Whether it is Google or Yahoo, techniques like keyword stuffing, hidden text, duplicate content, cloaking, paid links, and misleading redirects are frowned upon by all search engines.

Hiring a San Jose SEO expert allows you to focus on your business, leaving all aspects of your online branding in professional hands. Moreover, the digital marketing agency can provide multiple SEO services, often at a lower cost, than hiring your own team. Lastly, a local agency like Boomcycle always has its finger on the pulse of the city’s business and consumer landscape.


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A Brief Guide To San Jose

Silicon Valley’s largest city, San Jose, is a mecca of innovation and technological advancements. A meeting point for some of the greatest minds on the planet, the city is bubbling with ideas that will eventually chaperon us into the future.

Although famous for its startup and venture capitalist culture and for having the “highest percentage of homes valued at over $1 million,” San Jose is an inviting cosmopolitan with a heart of gold.

It is a city buzzing with excitement where locals never forget to stop and smell the roses, figuratively and literally. The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is among the city’s most treasured attractions. Spread over 5½ acres, the garden is a colorful oasis with 189 varieties of roses that, very much like San Jose, remain perpetually in bloom.

San Jose SEO Agency | Boomcycle 22

San Jose’s culturally diverse residents who live, work and play in the city define its persona, whereas its architecture, family-friendliness, and culinary offerings build upon its character.

San Jose city

For any first-timer exploring the streets of San Jose, there are surprises aplenty around every nook and corner. Winchester Mystery House amuses with its design and haunted history, while Great America draws in families looking for theme-park thrilling rides, including the famous wooden roller coaster Gold Striker.

Tourists preferring a relaxing day will find San Jose’s museums and wineries to their liking. From San Jose Museum of Art and Computer History Museum to Children’s Discovery Museum or the Picchetti Winery, whatever your interest, San Jose has an excursion for you.

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