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Strategic Content to Market Your Business

Most business websites get the actual content of their website very wrong.

They put up a home page, an about page, a few pages of their services or products, and a contact page.

Then they cross their fingers that the world beats a path to their door. 

When it doesn’t happen, the answer is almost always that they haven’t given Google enough clues as to what the company actually does, and where their expertise lies.

There are two main audiences for the content you put on your website: your visitors and Google.

Google is the gatekeeper for those searching for the products and services that your business provides. In order for Google to understand what you do and connect you with the right people, you must publish a good deal of content that Google can understand and classify.

Only then can Google connect a business with the right audience.

B2B Content marketing services is about creating interesting and timely content for your industry, in order to establish your business or organization as an authoritative and trusted resource.

The beauty of content marketing SEO services is that your content, once created, does not cost you anything to remain published.

It’s the search gift that keeps on giving.

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We Help You Create Compelling Content

By far, the biggest factor when a company doesn’t produce content is the terror of staring at a blank page.

Fortunately, Boomcycle a content marketing agency services can help! We have cutting edge online content marketing services and techniques that allow us to dig into your industry niche and discover:

  • The questions your prospects are asking
  • The topics your prospects are interested in
  • The trends that are developing

…and so much more. 

The incredible ability to reverse engineer information from search engines like Google is like getting a peek inside your prospect’s minds.

We can find out an astonishing amount about your competition too:

  • Which keywords their websites are ranking for
  • Which of their pages get the most visitors
  • The topics they’ve covered that you have not

It’s like a magic trick. And it’s all available to those who are informed enough to ask the right questions.

From all this amazing data, you will find a dizzying variety of topics on which to write and produce other types of content.

To that recipe, you add your own insider knowledge and unique perspective and you will get a waterfall of relevant, focused and creative content.

Coming up with ideas for content is never a problem!

The Cadence of Content Marketing

Create search-informed and useful video, audio or textural content that puts you, and keeps you, top-of-mind as a most helpful resource in the industry.

Be mindful that the only web property that you truly control is your own website. You don’t control YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook. Your content may disappear from 3rd party platforms, but of course is evergreen on your website.

Always have a website.

Create white papers, ebooks and other long-form content to attract downloads, email newsletter signups, contact form entries or sales, or you can use an on-site blog to encourage more traffic to your site.

When it comes time to buy, a connection and trust has been established with your audience, so they reach out to you.

Content Marketing Boomcycle
Content Marketing

Content Marketing Examples

Let’s cite some examples of good content marketing in an industry such as medical device engineering. Here are some great content marketing ideas:

Questions as Content Ideas

Using keyword research tools, we can see questions that were typed into search engines. This is very helpful in guiding content development.

“How to” questions are great for article ideas.

Broader educational topics help establish industry authority.

And some questions might relate to popular industry-specific topics that can be addressed within a broader context (“What happened to website?”).

Industry-specific searches are often low-volume searches compared to gun control or Kim Kardashian, but nonetheless reflect industry-specific search intent. Even better, some searches may suggest buying intent.

The phrase used to seed the search below was “medical device design”:

Creative Content Marketing


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Shocking and Valuable Titles!

How you title your content is hugely important. Whenever possible, avoid boring, jargon-infused titles. It is far more effective to use emotional and  connecting titles that imply value.

The four key emotions

are: angerdisgust, affirmation and fear.

You might wonder how some of these would fit with your very sober B2B niche, but there are ways to create appropriate content titles in any industry.

A great title can increase your Click-through Rate (CTR) — how regularly someone clicks your search results in the SERPs.

Raising your CTR can increase your page’s rank.

In other words, the more times people read the title link of your content in the SERPs and then click your link, the more authority Google will give your content.

Boomcycle Content marketing
Content Marketing Boomcycle

Build Your Authority With The Best Content Marketing Services

Whatever type of content you wish to produce, the most important thing is to create, and create consistently.

Whether you’re posting once a week, once a month or three times a day, you are establishing your reliability with your audience.

If you don’t think you can keep up the pace of twice a week, try posting two or three times per month.

No matter what sort of schedule works for you, consistency and the quality of your content will lead to the best ROI on your content marketing strategy.


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