Content Marketing to Build Authority

The Search Gift That Keeps On Giving

Boomcycle specializes in content marketing, helping your business increase your relevance and importance in your niche.

Content marketing is the process of creating attractive content to those in your industry, in order to establish your business or organization as an authoritative and trusted resource. 

The beauty of content marketing is that, your content, once created, does not cost you anything to remain published.

When to use Content Marketing

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When you have more time than money, content marketing is a great strategy. 

The idea is to create search-informed and useful video, audio or textural content that puts you, and keeps you, top-of-mind as a most helpful resource in the industry.

Naturally, your content can be on your website, an industry website, a social media property (YouTube, LinkedIn, industry guest blog, etc.) or an email newsletter, to name but a few. 

Be mindful that the only web property that you truly control is your own website. You don’t control YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook. Your content may disappear from 3rd party platforms, but of course is evergreen on your website. 

Always have a website.

Create white papers, ebooks and other long-form content to attract downloads, email newsletter signups, contact form entries or sales, or you can use an on-site blog to encourage more traffic to your site.

When it comes time to buy, a connection and trust has been established with your audience, so they reach out to you.

Content Marketing Examples

Let’s cite some examples of good content marketing in an industry such as medical device engineering. Here are some great content marketing ideas:

  • Actionable How-To Guides, Best Practices or Checklists
    • “Medical Device Design & Development: A Guide for Medtech Professionals”
    • “4 Essentials for Developing a Medtech Product”
    • “Best Practices For Effective Medical Device Design Reviews”
  • Timely Industry Statistics or Surveys – Anything that you research and author. Some examples might include:
    • “The global medical devices market size was valued at $425.5 Billionin 2018 and is expected to reach $612.7 Billion by 2025.” 
    • “Survey: 5 attributes providers want when purchasing medical devices“
    • “Survey: 3 top barriers to improving medtech product development”
  • Unique Research Studies – These may be papers you authored while in college or of course, anything you had published, such as peer-reviewed studies you’ve done that relate to your niche.

Questions as Content Ideas

Using keyword research tools, we can see questions that were typed into search engines. This is very helpful in guiding content development. 

“How to” questions are great for article ideas. 

Broader educational topics help establish industry authority. 

And some questions might relate to popular industry-specific topics that can be addressed within a broader context (“What happened to website?”).

Industry-specific searches are often low-volume searches compared to gun control or Kim Kardashian, but nonetheless reflect industry-specific search intent. Even better, some searches may suggest buying intent.

The phrase used to seed the search below was “medical device design”:

  • how to design a medical device
  • where does medical device design control come from?
  • how to work with a medical device design company
  • (etc.)

Content Titles

How you title your content is hugely important. Whenever possible, avoid boring, jargon-infused titles. It is far more effective to use emotional and connecting titles that imply value. 

The four key emotions are: anger, disgust, affirmation and fear.

Raising the Click-through Rate (CTR) can increase your page’s rank. In other words, the more times people read the title link of your content in the SERPs and then click your link, the more authority Google will give your content.

Building Your Authority With Content Marketing

Whatever type of content you wish to produce, the most important thing is to create, and create consistently

Whether you’re posting once a week, once a month or three times a day, you are establishing your reliability with your audience. 

If you don’t think you can keep up the pace of twice a week, try posting two or three times per month.

No matter what sort of schedule works for you, consistency and the quality of your content will lead to the best ROI on your content marketing strategy. 


Create strategic content to attract your ideal prospects

If you’re at a loss as to what sort of content to create, where to create it or how on earth you’ll ever find time to create content, Boomcycle has your back. Let our Content Strategy and Creation team make your company’s content marketing efforts smooth and efficient. 

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