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It’s called “The curse of knowledge”. 

You know almost too much about your business: why you’re the best, why you’re different, how you go further to please your clients. 

But instead of a clear and compelling message, you end up with a pretty picture of a bridge, a forest, or someone climbing a rock.

You need a website that speaks clearly to your ideal prospects, and the online internet marketing systems to drive traffic to it.

For nearly two decades, I and my team at Boomcycle Digital Marketing have been helping businesses attain visibility and new clients through the brightest sales strategies and digital marketing techniques. 

Together, we can build the website that puts you ahead of your competition, and builds long-term value in your business.

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Why Choose Boomcycle?

We target your ideal prospects and build the perfect system to interest, engage and sell them.

We learn how your best client prospects are searching for you, and bring them to your website.

SEO is the marketing gift that keeps on giving, creating connections and trust with your ideal prospects.

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What Our Clients Say

andrea stampsandrea stamps

David shared a tremendous amount of content. All details were broken down and clearly explained. There are no doubts about his business acumen and expertise. Looking forward to working with Boomcycle-

Richard TifoneRichard Tifone

David did an outstanding job of understanding my business and crafting a new website and digital marketing plan. I'm thrilled with the results. He is fun to work with and I would highly recommend David Victor and Boomcycle to anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing.

Rich ArzagaRich Arzaga

I highly recommend David Victor and Boomcycle for their work as digital marketing experts and as a thinking partner for your business development.

Our financial services firm has had assistance with search engine and other new media activities in the past. These were promising starts but ultimately did not move the dial on generating new business.

Our work with David and Boomcycle has been exceedingly productive. He is all about using the left and right side of his brain when working on our business: David's ideas and creativity are collaborative and refreshing. His process to help us craft the best possible online marketing message and digital presence has differentiated us and attracts qualified prospects to the business. Since some perceive financial services as a commodity, this is a considerable accomplishment. David is also keen in analytics, measuring not only results but also what they mean and how we can continue to fine-tune our messaging and medium. In that regard, he wears two hats as a business partner.

Most digital marketing services are happy with getting their customers on the board. David has been committed to getting us as clients at the top of the board. Better, on our own board.

David Victor and Boomcycle know Digital Marketing.


David and Boomcycle deliver quality services and are dedicated to their clients with solutions that drive positive results. A partner you can trust and who is always there to meet your needs and the challenges of todays digital marketplace. Highly recommend 👍🤝

Riff Raff CustomsRiff Raff Customs

David is my go-to Bay Area SEO expert. My business was invisible on the internet. David’s team built us a new great looking mobile website design and did monthly search engine optimization work. We started to see our business pop up in Google over some of our toughest competitors. Even some national brands with franchises in our area.


Boomcycle's Power-Packed Marketing Services

Whether you are a local business or a national brand, we build the perfect system to interest, engage and sell to your ideal prospects.

Using search engine data, we learn what your prospects are most interested in before we design.

We speak to your ideal prospects with the right industry terminology, and in your own “voice”.

We engage and advertise to your best prospects on relevant social platforms, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Our Web Management packages keep your website consistent with best-practices and your website secure.

We regularly analyze your visitor data and optimize your website to improve the user experience.


You Asked, We Answered!

Digital marketing means every non-traditional (newspaper, radio or TV) method by which to advertise. This could include website design, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) marketing on Google or Bing, social media posting or advertising, podcast advertising, YouTube video creation — the list goes on!

For a complete discussion of the subject of digital marketing, please see my article here

Since we offer a variety of services, for a variety of different sized businesses and situations, our costs vary based on the project. See this article for a detailed discussion of our pricing.

David Victor and Boomcycle’s specialty is small-to-medium-sized (SMB) businesses.

We’ve built successful websites for small local businesses like medical spas, pet groomers and dentists, as well as national service businesses like manufacturing and biotechnology companies. 

Many companies specialize in either the technical details of digital marketing, or on “branding”. Boomcycle understands that there are two major components of digital marketing: the technical (SEO, responsive design, PPC bidding techniques, etc.) and the actual strategy you employ to market to your ideal prospects. 

Boomcycle founder David Victor has both a strong technical and an extensive marketing background. He understands that digital marketing is most effective as a long-term, consistent series of operations. Google has to trust that you are an authority in your space, and more importantly, people have to trust you as an authority!

Your business will receive David’s personalized service, the best marketing insights, and the best-in-class technology solutions to make your marketing optimally effective and evolving with the latest best-practices. 

Boomcycle Digital Marketing has been building effective and highly-visible marketing websites since 2003. Some of the websites we built way back then still rank #1, years after our original client sold the business!

When you engage with Boomcycle, you are receiving the latest digital marketing expertise and a sound and secure website that will perform for you and your business for years to come. 


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