ABOUT BOOMCYCLE digital marketing

I Love to Help Businesses Grow!

Hello there! My name is David Victor, and I founded Boomcycle in 2003.

Since then, my team and I have helped small and medium-sized companies throughout the United States increase the value of their business by increasing their online visibility to drive sales.

I hold a BSCS from California State University East Bay, about five miles from when I currently live and work, in San Ramon, CA.

I spent years wearing all sorts of hats in the software development business: from tech support, release engineering, “full stack” web application development and  project management.

My goal was always to run my own successful business, and in 2003, I got my chance to use my experience to help my first business (a day spa in Saratoga, CA) with their digital marketing challenges.

My loves are messaging and the subtle yet highly-effective art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are critical steps for many businesses, especially the “B2B” industries, like biotech, IT services and SaaS.

Recently, I’ve seen tremendous value in Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising on Google.

My team also helps with complicated-sounding stuff like Conversion Rate Optimization (figuring out what drives your best prospects and giving it to them), Marketing Automation with chatbots, and so much more.

Once a business gets their messaging right, the next thing is to build (or more often, redesign) a website! We also create beautiful and effective web designs.

I would love to learn about your business and help you discover more effective ways to market online.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation. 

David Victor, founder, Boomcycle Digital Marketing

Other Fun Facts:

  • I am a musician and performer, and I toured and recorded with a multi-platinum classic rock band called BOSTON.
  • I founded a music-based nonprofit, Harmony & Healing, to bring live music to patients and their families in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • My wife and I love dogs, and we own a Havanese and a Golden Doodle, both rescues.