It’s About Optimizing Revenue.

Optimizing business efficiency, workflow and taking advantage of opportunities wherever you see them will help to grow your business. Boomcycle is a San Francisco Bay Area-based, 100% U.S.-based provider of software solutions for companies who require customized web applications, large database and business software systems to enhance their competitive edge, optimize revenue and workflow.

Boomcycle features 100% U.S.-based talent for greatest accountability and fastest, easiest communications. Boomcycle’s Project Managers and software architects are efficient and friendly and are used to diving into projects at any point – beginning, middle or end-game. As our client, you will enjoy the multiple benefits:

  • Multiple timezone coverage
  • Weekend and evening work availability
  • Same-day deployment of resources
  • Discounts available for longer-term projects

Boomcycle’s Proprietary Screening Process Means Business

Why can’t companies simply use freelancer websites like Elance or Guru or even Craigslist to find the technical talent they need?

Anyone who’s worked with freelancers from freelancer websites knows that finding a freelancer is only a small part of the problem. Can they do what they are hired to do?

While many freelancer sites employ ratings systems, a fatal flaw is baked in: they are often two-way streets. If a hiring company rates a freelancer poorly, that freelancer will likely rate the company similarly poorly. And often times, companies find that it’s simpler to not rate the freelancer and thus not risk their reputation. Ultimately, there are a lot of highly-rated freelancers who are simply good at social engineering and gaming the ratings systems.

These are not the folks you want working for your company.

Thanks to the founder’s over 25 years in the software development business, 90% of the Boomcycle software engineers who will be working on your projects already work for us. We know them and their work. And on the less-common occasions where we must find new talent, we screen our applicants carefully using a proprietary screening process that has been developed over the course of our over 10 years in the software business. Before an engineer or Project Manager ever touches your project, they have:

  • Been given a thorough HR interview
  • Undergone a technical interview by one of our technical gurus
  • Completed a grueling “real-world” programming test
  • Successfully completed at least one project for Boomcycle’s own internal use
  • Signed our “Good Conduct Contract” and an NDA.

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That means our clients receive the finest technical talent available, bar none, with none of the inherent risk associated with doing their own screening, or worse yet, finding out the PM they hired really only knows how to write an email.

We Work On Your Schedule

Our US-based Project Managers are experienced software professionals with deep knowledge of their respective specializations. And because they live in the U.S., they work on your schedule. No more waiting all day for your team to show up just to answer a single question. Conference calls, web-based meetings, emails — all happen in record time as compared to working with an overseas programming team.

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Boomcycle founder David Victor holds a computer science degree with an emphasis in database systems from California State University. Mr. Victor is also a technical talent scout with over 25 years of software engineering and technical project management experience. David’s experience “in the programming trenches” allows him to communicate effectively with management as well as software professionals.