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About David Victor & Boomcycle Digital Marketing

The Heart of Boomcycle

I founded Boomcycle in 2003, and my first project was digital marketing for a local day spa. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the power of SEO and digital marketing to bring buyers together with businesses.

Entrepreneur, Fan Of Marketing Psychology

My name is David Victor, and I founded Boomcycle Digital Marketing around the turn of the century (wow, that makes us sound positively vintage!)

Since then, my team and I have helped small and medium-sized companies throughout the United States increase the value of their business by increasing their online visibility to drive sales.

About 1I hold a BSCS from California State University East Bay, about five miles from when I currently live and work, in San Ramon, California.

After graduating, I spent 14 years wearing all sorts of hats in the software development business: from front line tech support, release engineering (huh?), “full stack” web application development in PHP and C# .NET and ultimately, project management.

It was nice, but like my “self-made-man” father, I’d always wanted to captain my own ship. 

Boomcycle Begins

My goal was always to run my own successful business, and in 2003, I got my chance to use my experience to help my first business (Preston Wynne Day Spa in Saratoga, CA) with their digital marketing challenges. Preston Wynne remained at the #1 spot through 2020, even after selling her business in 2014: a testimony to the staying power of great SEO

Boomcycle Digital Marketing was born! I quickly tapped a few local tech friends for their unique skillsets, and we began helping businesses in the LA area, including a fruit flavorings company, an AirBnB for pets, a veterinarian, more day spas. I also built one of the first SaaS products, a gift certificate sales system. 

At the time, I was also fulfilling my other dream, to play live music as often as possible. In 2011, I established David Victor Presents (now, my music production and leadgen company. 

In 2010, I joined the multi-platinum band BOSTON to record a single and perform on two North American tours, and got a chance to learn how the music business works from the inside.

While a member of BOSTON, I got the chance to do some work with a charity that provided live music to sick kids, and fell in love with the idea of bringing live acoustic music to hospitals and healthcare facilities. In 2019, I founded my own hospital and hospice music charity 501c3, Harmony & Healing.

I moved back to beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 to marry the most wonderful woman in the world, and never looked back. 

Boomcycle has grown by leaps and bounds, and has helped a variety of businesses, including plastic surgery centers, local music stores, medical services providers and medical spas, real estate agencies, custom software developers, a retail signage manufacturer & designer, big data health analytics, nonprofits, a bicycle shop, a cancer charity, a local animal shelter, and even a famous haunted house! 

I guess you could say that I like to stay busy.

David Victor of Boomcycle Digital Marketing
David Victor of Boomcycle Digital Marketing

Why I Love Digital Marketing & SEO

Whether in my capacity as CEO of Boomcycle or musical entrepreneur, I am fascinated by the power of search engines to connect people looking for solutions to the services and products that are available.

My “right brain” loves branding and clarifying messaging, while my “left brain” loves the subtle yet highly-effective art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

These are critical for all businesses, especially the “B2B” industries, like biotech, healthcare, Fintech, IT services and SaaS

After all, how does the needle move if:

  • You have the greatest client-centric messaging, but you can’t get visitors to your website?
  • You lure a visitor to your website with clever SEO, only to lose them to obscure messaging and industry jargon?

I also see great value in jump-starting SEO with paid search marketing on Google.

My team also helps with complicated-sounding stuff like Marketing Intelligence Systems (which help businesses figure out which of their marketing channels are actually working and bringing in sales), Conversion Rate Optimization (figuring out what drives your best prospects and giving it to them), Marketing Automation, and so much more.

Once a business gets their messaging right, the next thing is to build (or more often, redesign) a website! That’s why we also create beautiful and effective “intelligent” web designs. The intelligence built-in comes from examining the search terms that people actually use to find the business. That clues us in to the terminology we need to use on the site to connect.

After all, connecting with a great prospect via SEO can only be effective if they can understand the value you offer and can engage with you easily. 

I would love to learn about your business and help you discover more effective ways to market online.

Contact me anytime for a complimentary consultation.

David Victor, founder, Boomcycle Digital Marketing

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