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If your SEO agency gives you only garden-variety “content and links” and nothing else, it’s time you looked into Boomcycle’s Hyper-Optimization service for your most critical web pages.

It's Time to Hyper-Optimize.

Most of what your SEO agency gives you is likely to be content and links. The best backlinks are certainly helpful.

But what’s the best kind of content?

Hyper-Optimized content is written content that has been modeled after the best-ranking web pages in Google for a given search. 

Our proprietary Hyper-Optimization process ensures that your content gets the best possible opportunity to be considered by Google for high rankings.  

New content, legacy content, and even product and service pages can be Hyper-Optimized to give you the edge.

Ask us how your most critical content can be all that it can be. Hyper-optimize it today!

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No Results From Your SEO Experts?

The SEO Game Has Changed

It’s no secret that search engine optimization today is much more difficult than it used to be. The tactics that may have worked in the early 2000s are anathema today: 

  • Spammy links from just about any websites
  • keyword stuffing or invisible keywords
  • “meta keywords” (run if your SEO has this as a bullet point on your list of deliverables!) 

…and more. 

Google has gotten much smarter. Now the behemoth search engine is most likely to give visibility to the best answers to its searcher’s questions. 

In short, the best content that answers the searcher’s question wins the race, all other things being equal. Of course, all things are never equal! 

And Google wants to give immediate answers to its searchers with featured snippets, which may often give the searcher all they need. They may never even visit your website. 

Get The Edge Over Your Competitors

Fortunately, Google tells us what it “likes” whenever it answers our search queries. Using Google’s own information, we look at the top-ranking search results and reverse-engineer success. In essence, we let Google tell us how to create the best content.

You must create content that addresses search intent completely and compellingly.  

To be truly compelling, your content must read like it was written by a human being — not hot garbage produced by AI technologies like GPT-3. 

So how do we satisfy your client’s curiosity, give them a great read, AND make Google happy at the same time?

Boomcycle’s proprietary Hyper-Optimization process.

How SEO helps you sell

Boomcycle's Hyper-Optimization Process

Content Brief for Hyper-Optimization
Content brief tools help create compelling content based on the Top 10 ranking URLs

The Hyper-Optimization Process

Using the latest and greatest tactics in the search engine optimization business, we laser-target and focus your content to be exactly what Google is looking for. 

Our Hyper-Optimization process flows like this:

  • Working with our clients, we define a core topic of interest to their ideal business prospects.
  • We determine the best Google NLP content category to target.
  • We create a thorough content brief on the topic, which defines the optimal title, the most critical headings and subheadings of the article, the questions to answer, the best sources to cite, and more. 
  • One of Boomcycle’s seasoned writers tackles the topic using our detailed content brief. 
  • An article is written that is highly authoritative, answers every common question, and is enjoyable to read
  • Next, we use a series of tools to ensure we include as many “clues” for Google as possible in the form of internal links, entities, and keywords. 
  • When our clients have the capabilities, we also encourage a video embed that discusses the topic in brief for people who don’t have time to read the whole article.
  • The article is published on the website. 
  • The article’s schema and internal linking structure is put in place. 
  • The article’s share image, Open Graph and Twitter Card data is customized and published. 
  • Finally, we ping the Google Search Console to pick up our fresh, new article.

No SEO stone is left unturned in our content Hyper-Optimization process. 

Naturally, it’s still up to Google whether or not to rank our content, but through Hyper-Optimization, we’ve given any target web page the best possible shot

Relevance score for hyper-optimization
Hyper-Optimization Opportunities Weighted Against the Top 3 Ranking URLs

Use Cases for SEO Hyper-Optimization

Technically, any web page could potentially benefit from being “hyper-optimized” for the best chance to rank on Google. Here are a few example use cases:

Service or Product page Hyper-Optimization

Key Service or Product Pages

Your Service or Product pages are likely your most bottom-of-the-funnel, critical web pages.

Traditionally, these key pages have been left out of the content brief and optimization process, while traditional blog content has received all the love. 

It’s time to give your more important content the best shot at ranking! 

Hyper-optimize these pages and see your search rankings will increase. 

Refresh legacy content with hyper-optimization by Boomcycle

Legacy Content

Your legacy content may be in need of a refresh.

Why not Hyper-Optimize it and get the complete, modern solution to the most authoritative on-page SEO.

Following our Hyper-Optimization procedure, we ping Google to re-index the page, and it sees the newly optimized content. 

Don’t be surprised if your old content starts performing better than ever.

Blog & News Content - Hyper-Optimized

Blog & News Content

Our Hyper-Optimization process was born in the blogging trenches, and is ideally positioned to give your blog content the perfect treatment for fast rankings.

But why save Hyper-Optimization for only certain pages? 

You can Hyper-Optimize your entire website!

SEO Services Pricing - People comparing prices

SEO Hyper-Optimize & Gain and Get the Edge On Your Competitors

While doing SEO for our clients, most often we find one or two competitors who have also done some optimization, while the rest, even larger companies, are completely asleep at the switch

It’s likely that many of your competitors are probably not taking advantage of Hyper-Optimization. Especially since Boomcycle invented this comprehensive process!

Contact us to find out how your website can get the competitive edge today.

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