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Google Ads Case Studies: How We Drove Over $200K in Sales

How Boomcycle won back a Google Ads Management client with exceptional transparency and most importantly, RESULTS.

Winning Back a Client and Exceeding Expectations Through Google Ads Mastery


A Google Ads client of ours was recently purchased in a roll-up strategy by a venture capital firm. Often, many things change when these types of acquisitions happen. Part of this transition included a 3-month experiment with a “big box” Google Ads management agency to see what the results might look like.

Though we had driven our client’s CPA down to $42 per conversion, the new ownership group wanted to ensure that the company was working with the best Google Ads management services available.

Right off the bat, it was clear that there was a marked difference in the transparency of their Google Ads management services.

This lack of transparency and control over the budget and data raised concerns about the effectiveness and efficiency of the Google Ads campaign. Without knowing how the agency was allocating the budget and what specific strategies they were implementing, it became difficult to assess the ROI or make informed decisions regarding the campaign.

Google Ads Case Studies: How We Drove Over $200K in Sales 1
Is your current Google Ads management agency giving you the old “black box” treatment?

The proprietary nature of the dashboard prevented us from independently verifying the accuracy and reliability of the reported data, adding another layer of uncertainty to the entire process.

(Fortunately, we had our Marketing Intelligence System on our side to know exactly what was going on with the leads!)

In any case, the lack of transparency and information regarding the management of our Google Ads campaign created a sense of unease and hindered our ability to effectively evaluate it. There was no way of knowing if the account was being managed aggressively, timidly, or not “ly” at all.

At the 90-day mark, it appeared that their Google Ads campaign had done — okay. However, the results (leads) were not as robust as what Boomcycle Digital Marketing had previously been generating. Following the completion of the trial with the other agency, the client returned to us to restart and optimize their account.

The Boomcycle Strategy

Google Ads Case Studies: How We Drove Over $200K in Sales 2
Real results from our Google Ads campaign for this client for 30 days back from Feb 4, 2024

As we lit the fires again on our formerly very active campaign, we thoroughly re-analyzed the account to develop an optimization roadmap focused on maximizing ROI. Extensive keyword re-research coupled with tightened targeting increased our ad relevance.

We also refined ad copy and landing pages to boost click-through rates and increase our quality scores.

Ongoing close monitoring enabled rapid response to opportunities as they emerged. Our deep expertise and proprietary tools led to some impactful enhancements.

The Results of Our Google Ads Management Services

After some Google Ads histrionics (“Oh, sorry, our machine learning has to *completely relearn everything*!”), the account began performing.

In just the second month since taking back the Google Ads management duties, our strategic optimization efforts have driven exceptional performance, including:

  • 35% increase in conversions
  • 27% reduction in cost per conversion
  • 192% more impressions vs. December 2023

Since December, we have increased conversions by over a third while driving significant decreases in cost per conversion, regenerating momentum, and surpassing the client’s campaign goals.

Multiple KPIs now exceed targets, affirming our Google Ads chops.

Google Ads Case Studies: How We Drove Over $200K in Sales 3
Real results from our Google Ads campaign for January, 2024

Most importantly, the total booked revenue to the business from our ads campaigns since re-starting in December 2023 have been 10x the ad spend, amounting to over $212,000 in services sold for our client.

Even though we’re only on Month #2 of our own “Test Drive,” we can’t help but think that the dramatic turnaround and exceptional, transparent service have re-secured this client’s trust and business.

With our optimization expertise and focus on client success, we can rescue underperforming Google Ads accounts and take even seasoned programs to new heights. The rapid, significant returns delivered here further validate our strategic management methodology.

We’ll see you in the Sponsored listings!

If you need better results than you’re getting from your Google Ads campaigns, contact us today at Boomcycle Digital Marketing.

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