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Paid search advertising using Google Ads is a quick way to gain significant market visibility for businesses new to digital marketing or just beginning their SEO strategy.

Paid Search Ads & SEO

Paid search advertising through Google Ads can be a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, even if you’re already doing, or plan on doing, SEO.

PPC lets you control your marketing message to a greater degree than SEO, as you create the specific advertisements, and Google paid search will show them as you’ve written. 

With SEO, Google may or may not pull your meta description and title tag to support the URL it finds, and you may end up with a sub-optimal “advertisement” below your link. More recently, Google has taken to often using the H1 as the headline of your search results, vs. your carefully-crafted title tag.

Google Ads eliminates these concerns.

Paid search can be used to fortify your visibility while your SEO campaign builds steam

Check out these results for our client from our February, 2024 Google Ads Management case study!

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How Much Do Google Paid Ads Cost?

In a Google Ads (formerly known as “AdWords“) paid search campaign, you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement.

You “bid” for your ad’s position in the search results. Whatever you bid is what you will pay when someone clicks on your Google ad.

Google’s advertising engine “ranks” your ad against your competitors based on your bid amount, and your landing page’s quality score.

The ad position is based on a real-time auction to determine which ads appear in which positions. If a competitor is bidding $10 on a keyword, and you are bidding $5, chances are their ad will appear before your ad, all other considerations being equal. As with any auction, the amount you pay is directly dependent on the amount your competitors will pay. 

Unlike “organic” search optimization, paid search can be visible immediately depending on how your campaign is managed.

Paid search is effective for high value service and product companies, including:

  • Family Law, Business & Personal Injury Attorneys
  • Roofers, Fencing and other high-value home and commercial services
  • Technical consultants
  • Realtors
  • Educational institutions
  • Automotive repair
  • Financial consultants & more.
Paid Search Advertising

Google encourages business owners to manage their own advertising.
However, without expert knowledge and experience, you are likely to make expensive mistakes.

Don’t waste a single advertising dollar. Let Boomcycle’s expert paid search advertising geniuses manage your search campaign for you.

Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads paid search management service is a monthly service, and is priced according to your planned advertising spend. Currently we only provide paid search services with Google Ads. There is a charge to set your account up — also known as a “build”. 

The “build” is the critical planning step where we work with you to define your ideal keywords, geographic specificities, competitors and bids.  The fees for our Google Ads Services are due in advance of the month’s work

We can have your new campaign ready for approval within 5 business days after the first month’s invoice and the setup fee is paid in full. 

We can also set up YouTube, display network, re-marketing, or shopping ads in addition to standard search ads. 

Google Ads Reports are sent out on the 2nd day of each month, in PDF format with the essential information. 

Google Ads Management Pricing is as follows:

Monthly Ad SpendManagement MonthlySetup
Up to $5K/mo.$1995/mo.$1995
Up to $10K/mo.$2995/mo.$2995
Up to $15K/mo.$3995/mo.$2995
Up to $20K/mo.$4995/mo.$3495

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