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New Websites Dominate Google With A Deliberate & Consistent Strategy

This new businesses grew their website visitors by using a simple SEO strategy of content writing & link building, backed up by our hyper-optimization techniques. See what happened for their businesses!

Organic traffic growth in six months
1 K+ Views
Increase in website traffic value
1 %
Newly ranking keywords
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New Websites Dominate Google With A Deliberate & Consistent Strategy 1

Three New Businesses, Three New Success Stories.

It’s not easy to open a new business. 

This is especially true in today’s world, where technology and the internet play such a big role in our everyday lives, and the economy wobbles, spikes and occasionally, dives.

You won’t be able to survive, or even build a growing business if you don’t have a strong digital presence.

And of course, to get to the top, you need to be willing to put in the work and be patient. Perhaps you’ve heard the old adage, “good things come to those who wait.” When applied to SEO, nothing could be more true.

When you’re focused on dominating Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) you need a boatload of patience and consistency to thrive in today’s market.

Of course, SEO can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it’s worth it if you want your business to succeed — especially if you’re a brand new website that’s only starting on your journey.

In this case study, we’ll take a look at how three new websites were able to dominate their SERP using patience, consistency, and dedication.


Our case study for today will focus on three different clients: a haircare products supply company, a pet grooming service, and a local plumber’s website.

Each client had their website professionally built but they received a tiny handful of visitors each month. All three tried to implement SEO by themselves, and all three failed to drive sufficient traffic to their site.

They did the usual SEO techniques: they wrote a few blog posts, added their brand to all their posts, and uploaded a few images. Like many self-starters, they quickly got frustrated and got busy working on other aspects of their business.

Overall, their results were fairly discouraging. Each site was only receiving around 50 search visits monthly. Sometimes, fewer than that. They did not post new content regularly, and didn’t have any significant backlinks.

Backlinks are the key connections that Google uses to find new content on the web if it’s not expressly requested to be indexed.

The takeaway is that even if you have the best website in the world, it won’t do you any good if nobody knows it exists.

Finally, the three companies decided that they would hire Boomcycle to help them not only create an effective custom SEO strategy but also to elevate them to the top of their SERPs.

The SEO Audit

As with any other SEO project we take on, our first step was to analyze each website to see what was holding them back and what we could do to help.

This is done through an SEO audit, which allows us to identify the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity with respect to their competition.

The audit revealed that, while the sites were indeed well-designed and user-friendly, they lacked in terms of SEO best practices.

For example, the websites for the men’s hair care company and the pet grooming service didn’t have a lot of keywords on the site, nor did they have any backlinks. They also had zero organic traffic, which meant that they weren’t appearing in any Google results at all.

As for the local plumber’s website, while it was faring a little better in terms of numbers, it still wasn’t enough. They had around 300 keywords and received roughly 150 visitors a month, but they needed more if they wanted to grow their business.

In summary, all three websites were in dire need of an SEO makeover, and Boomcycle is the perfect company to do just that.

Campaign Planning & Execution

After the audit, our team got to work on developing an effective strategy that would help these three websites dominate their SERPs.

Here’s what we did per client:

Men's Hair Products

The first website we worked on is the men’s hair supply products company.
Prior to our involvement, they had already been creating content using a method that worked for them. There were only two issues SEO-wise: they didn’t have enough links and they didn’t have a lot of relevant, income-generating keywords.

Due to this, we decided to focus on link-building and on-page SEO.
For the link-building campaign, we reached out to other websites in the same industry and asked if they would be interested in allowing us to guest post. This is an effective way to get high-quality backlinks, which are essential for any good SEO strategy.

All the articles featured high-profit keywords, also known as money keywords, in order to generate income for the client. We found that “durag benefits” and “how to get dreads” are some of the most popular keywords for our client’s specific niche.

As for the on-page SEO, our team went through the website and made sure that all the titles, meta descriptions, and images were optimized for search engines. We also added more relevant content to the site, such as blog posts and product descriptions.

The goal is for the client’s website to appear in SERPs for relevant searches, increasing traffic and, as a result, sales.

Pet Groomer

Next up is the pet grooming website. Being a brand new site was both its strength and its weakness.

Since the site was so new, there weren’t any old, unoptimized pages holding it back. However, this also meant that there wasn’t a lot of content for Google’s algorithms to index. The opportunity to build a strong foundation was there, and we took it.

The first step was link-building. With our link-building service here at Boomcycle, we ensured that they would get plenty of contextual backlinks to their site.

In the process of doing that, we found out that the site was sorely lacking in relevant content.

We wrote and published articles on a variety of topics related to pet grooming, such as “mobile pet groomer,” “mobile dog grooming,” and “cat grooming cost.”

Just like the men’s hair products company, we also reached out to other sites in the same industry to ask for guest posting opportunities.

Between high-traffic sites and high-domain authority sites, we chose the latter to guest post on because we found that it worked better for the pet grooming website. This is to help increase their link count, which will result in higher traffic and better SERP rankings.

Local Plumber

The local plumbing company was in a better situation than the other two. Although they were fairly new and didn’t have a lot of content, they did already have some work done on their site.

They just needed more link-building and content creation.
The issue was that most of their keywords were low-traffic and low-converting, so we knew we had to target different, more relevant keywords.
We used a combination of link-building and on-page SEO to help them achieve this.

Our first step was to create a new blog post using the keywords “install gas lines.” The topic is related to plumbing, but it is also something that people would be searching for if they need a gas line installed.

We also targeted high-performing keywords, including “plumbing pleasanton ca” and took a guest post opportunity with the keywords, “collapsed sewer lines.”

These are examples of how we targeted relevant keywords to help the client generate more traffic and income.


Since these three were very nearly brand new sites, we told them that it might take more than the usual amount of time (4-6 months) for them to see significant results.

Knowing that, they decided to wait – and the results were well worth it.
The men’s hair supply products company is a perfect example of “patience pays off.”

The first thing we saw was a steady increase in traffic from February to March. It was in late March to April when they finally saw a huge uptick.

And as you can see below, the SEO strategy we implemented for them worked wonders. In just a short while, they started receiving over 20,000 views every month:

The blessed upward SEO graph!

This is exactly why patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to SEO.

Next is the pet grooming service, which went from zero to 1000. After signing up with us on May 14, they saw organic traffic in just two weeks:

Organic SEO traffic in just two weeks and much more after that

Today, thanks to our service, they don’t just have more visitors, but more clients as well.

Lastly, we’ve got the plumber. Of the three clients in today’s case study, they’re the only ones who already had some traffic prior to signing up for our service.

The results are quite fantastic. With our strategy, they managed to double their traffic value from around $1000 to $2,178 – a 200% increase in just a few months of work.

What this means is that they would have to spend $2,178 on digital ads in order to get the same amount of free traffic that they’re getting right now with our strategy:

Traffic value spiking for a local plumber

This just goes to show that our digital marketing strategy here at Boomcycle can work for businesses of all sizes – whether you’re starting from scratch or you already have some traffic but want to take things to the next level.

Patients Brings Results In Your SEO Campaign

It can be tempting to give up on your SEO campaign if you don’t see results immediately. After all, SEO is a long-term strategy, and it can take months or even years to see its full benefits.

However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your SEO campaign too soon. These case studies are a good example.

Additionally, there are also many instances where not being patient with your SEO can lead to costly mistakes.

Take for instance an audio visual company that we worked with previously. They had been implementing their own system for over a year with little results to show for it.

We took over at the beginning of the year, intent on making sure that they would get a good return on their investment. We started building new links, writing relatable content, and using relevant keywords.

Unfortunately, after just six months, the client decided to pull the plug on the entire campaign. They weren’t getting the immediate results that they were hoping for, so they thought our magic didn’t work.

What they didn’t know is that our SEO magic has never failed us, and it didn’t fail them. Shortly after canceling, their traffic took off.

Unfortunately for them, it dropped just as fast since there was nothing to sustain it. It turns out that they had stopped the one thing that was working – our SEO campaign.

They contacted us again and asked us to pick up where we left off. We were happy to oblige!

As you can see, SEO is a long-term strategy, and it’s one that you shouldn’t give up on too soon. With patience and consistency, you guarantee that you will see results.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy that will provide you with a high ROI, then look no further than our SEO services. With proper SEO, you can get your website in front of your ideal customers without having to pay for ads.

This is especially true for new websites or businesses. It can take some time to rank high in the search engine results, but it’s worth it in the long run.

That’s because, as we keep repeating over and over, SEO is also a long-term strategy. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. We’ve got clients from all walks of life that have seen success with our personalized SEO strategy.

If you have the patience and consistency needed for a successful SEO campaign, it will continue to benefit your business for years to come.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Boomcycle today, and let’s get started on your successful SEO campaign!