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5 Essentials to Clarify Your Website Message for Maximum Impact

Many businesses struggle with clarity in their marketing messages. Check out our handy guide to ensure you're doing it right!
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Let’s face it – people hunt for information online because they want to solve some nagging problem in their lives.

The quicker they can find the solution to that, the more they’re willing to pay for it.

One of the mistakes that websites make is being unclear in their message and beating around the bush too much.

If your audience cannot answer the “What’s in it for me?” question going on in their head in the first couple minutes of landing on your website…

…they’ll find another website that does.

Contrary to what most people believe, or what you see in advertisements, you don’t need to hire a hall-of-fame copywriter to streamline your message and make it razor sharp.

If you have the responsibility of creating your own content (or hiring a freelancer), there are a few things that you need to be cognizant of in order to get the same results.

Here are the 5 essential “big-picture” take-aways that will allow you to better communicate your message through your website:

Define The Problem The Same Way Your Audience Defines It

This is one of the most fundamental things that businesses get wrong. Talking about the problem how you think about it or how you define it doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience thinks about it the same way.

You may be too technical for them. The terms that make sense to you may do nothing for them.

For example, “SEO” to you, may mean “Google ranking” for them. Website traffic may mean “hits” or “visitors”. Copywriting may mean “article writing” or “blogging”.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re both thinking of the same thing. What matters is if you’re talking about the problem the same way that they define it in their head.

That’s what bugs them, what they have emotional attachments to, what makes them want to gather information…

…and what will make them submit your contact form or add an item to their shopping cart.

The best way to find out is to ask! Talk to your best customers, use surveys, read their comments and pay close attention to the terminology they use.

Then talk to them in those terms.

When you use the language of your audience in your marketing, you’ll reach them right where they want to be reached and they’ll feel like you’re just talking to them.

Find Out Where They Are In The Problem Spectrum

Most people are at different places in their journey to the solution.

  • Some don’t even know they have a problem
  • Others are aware of the problem but don’t know that a solution exists
  • Some realize that there is a solution out there but don’t know if it will work for them (or where to find it)
  • Others browse the internet with their credit card in hand eager to put the details wherever they get the slightest hint of the solution.

You have to know what part of the audience (majority) your solution is designed towards and gear your copywriting towards that segment of the audience.

One of the simplest ways to find out is to answer the question: “Who would my solution benefit the most? How aware are they of their problem?

Once you understand the type of person that your solution is geared towards, that should be who you you want your content to speak to.

Separate Yourself From The Pack

This ties into your USP or Unique Sales Proposition. Think of it this way…

…if your business was blended in with 50 of your competitors, would your customers/prospects be able to pick you out amongst them?

Unfortunately, most businesses say the same thing over and over until they blend in the background and become just like every other website out there.

You don’t have to be massively different but you do need to have that one thing that makes people remember you.

Maybe your writing style is different (like funny or a bit personal) or your video intro has a memorable jingle, or you have a particular design for your emails, or you’ve got a super-serious look in your videos (in a niche where everyone’s funny).

Or it may be that you tell it like it is in a niche of inflated claims and over-hyped gurus.  

It could be anything, it just has to be something that people can remember about you.

Solve Their Problem

Once you have the above bases covered, people will be at least a little more inclined to listen to you and try out your solution.

Which is when you can offer your unique solution.

Designing your content from the point of view of solving their primary problem – something that will move them toward the outcome they’re looking for – will not only make them listen to you…

…but also buy from you.

Over and over again.

The majority of websites say the same thing over and over again. While it may be the solution that they’re looking for, you have to understand that this audience may have become numb to the noise in the market.

If you can present your solution with a twist or from a different angle (make them think differently about it), you will not only stand out but also have their undivided attention –which is what marketing is all about!

Ask For The Sale

This is one of the biggest mistakes that businesses who struggle to go big make. Average salespeople also do this unconsciously.

If you simply make your case by presenting all the facts, figures, and claims and hope that they will understand what next step to take, you’re leaving money on the table.

It’s not obvious to them what the next step is.

If it was, they would’ve already solved their problem and wouldn’t be there reading information about how to solve their problem.

You have to nudge them in the right direction. Tell them what the next step to take is.

Something as simple as ‘if you’re struggling with <this problem> and want a solution that <does this and this> go checkout <this solution> that will <solve this problem>.

While this is by no means a comprehensive copywriting guide and will not transform you into a sought-after copywriter, it can get you great results if your website’s message isn’t clear.  

While you may be doing some of these things already (more power to ya!) while adding some of these or thinking along these lines will add more firepower to your website’s message.

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