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“Oh, sorry, our website is being redesigned.”

Be certain your business website is always a proper reflection of your business.

Well, of course your website is being redesigned. And it’s coming along great, wouldn’t you say?

You don’t say.

I must say, I hear this excuse — excuse me, reason — for bad or broken business websites every single day. The website is always under construction. 

A major cruise line that we took in 2019 has a site that’s been broken for going on two years. When I asked them about it, you guessed it: “Oh, we’re doing a website redesign.”

Excuse our mess. Certainly!

To be fair, a website is never really “done”, because digital marketing changes all the time. But many business owners do not realize that.

Are you “done” with word-of-mouth marketing after you tell one person?

Of course not.

Similarly, your website is a living document and the virtual front door of your business. Even if your services or products rarely change, they will change at some point.

Just look at all the zaniness surrounding COVID-19, and all the new messaging that Google and Yelp wanted you to talk about:

  • Are you still doing business?
  • What are your new hours?
  • Do you offer curbside pickup?
  • Do you deliver?
  • Should we wear masks when we enter your business?

The situation surrounding business operations in the era of Coronavirus is just one example of changing conditions that require updated communications with your clients.

Your website must be your most up-to-date, informed sales person.

You have a business to run. You need a digital marketing expert who’s on your side, watching out for your businesses best interest.

I’m happy to chat with you about your… ahem…website redesign…anytime.