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YouTube Ads – Video Advertising Services

YouTube ads are an effective way to build brand awareness and inform likely in-market audiences that your products or services are available to them. This is our basic strategy around the use of these services.
YouTube Ads using your YouTube channel

About YouTube Ads

Ads on YouTube help people discover new brands, products and services in various ways. 

A YouTube user can search on the YouTube search page, click suggested videos on the watch page, or choose a specific video from the homepage feed.

With YouTube advertising, the advertiser is able to place their ad before any video is run. 

Note that subscribers to YouTube’s “Premium” monthly plan do not see any video ads. However, the percentage of YouTube users who subscribe to YouTube Premium is so low that almost no one I’ve asked even knows it’s an option. 

There are multiple goals for running a video campaign. We create  video campaigns that focus on two goals:

  • Sales / Leads
  • Product and brand consideration

YouTube Ads Strategy

For our clients at Boomcycle, we typically start with two types of YouTube video campaigns: Bumper Ads for awareness, and Skippable In-Stream ads for additional content. Both are important for a holistic YouTube advertising campaign. 

Bumper Ads – Awareness

Bumper ads are a short video ad format designed to allow you to reach more customers and increase awareness about your brand by using a short, memorable message. With videos of 6 seconds or less, bumper ads let you reach people with bite-sized messages, while having a minimal impact on their viewing experience.

There are three Ads Groups:

  • Custom Keywords
  • In Market Audiences
  • Affinity Audiences
YouTube Ads - Video Advertising Services 1

Skippable In-Stream Ads

These ads play before, during, or after other YouTube videos. Their defining feature is that viewers can choose to skip them after the first 5 seconds.

Ideal Requirement: In between 30 sec to 1 min

Three Ads Groups:

  • Custom Keywords
  • In Market Audiences
  • Affinity Audiences


YouTube Ads - Video Advertising Services 2

Summary of YouTube Video Ad Length Guidelines

  • Minimum length for Skippable ads: 30 seconds
  • Maximum length for Skippable ads: 3 minutes
  • Bumper Ads – 6 Seconds maximum

Naturally, each video ad should include details about the services and/or products your company offers.                          


To get started with our YouTube advertising management services, there are a few things we need from you. First of all, you must have established a YouTube channel and uploaded at least a few test videos to it. Bonus points for real content!

For the purposes of developing ads, these are the essentials:

  • All videos intended as ads must be hosted (uploaded) on your YouTube channel.
  • We need YouTube channel access to our email (we will share that with you directly — sorry spammers!)
  • We need all the videos and YouTube links

Example YouTube Ads

It’s fairly simple to examine the YouTube ads of any of your competitors who are running them. Here’s how:

  • Search on Google using keywords that relate to your business. For example “best guitar stores” or “bay area digital marketing agency”.
  • Any ads that appear from Google will look like this:
YouTube Ads - Video Advertising Services 3

Click on the three little “dots” in any advertiser’s Google Ad. Don’t worry, it won’t cost them any money when you click this link. 

Here’s what you should see:

YouTube Ads - Video Advertising Services 4

Next click on the “See more ads” link. If you don’t see one, the advertiser is not running YouTube ads. When you click on the link, select the “Videos” format as shown below. 

Voila! You’ll be presented with a list of all the video ads this advertiser is running, and you can simply click on each to view the video. 

YouTube Ads - Video Advertising Services 5