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Pricing for Digital Marketing Services

Pricing for Digital Marketing Services

There are a variety of ways to engage with David Victor and Boomcycle Digital Marketing to dramatically increase online visibility for your business. The following information outlines our process, a few work engagement styles, as well as pricing information for each.

Your Marketing Investment

Your website is the front door to your business. A recent B2B marketing study showed that 70% of the buying decision is made before anyone contacts the business

Your website is the first impression you’ll likely make on most of the people with whom you will do business. 

Don’t risk the future of your company on a zero-strategy website. 

Boomcycle creates “intelligent” website designs. Our website designs and content strategies take into account the knowledge you and your team have accumulated in your years in business, and our secret marketing sauce: search engine data. 

We begin every project with our Business Discovery Process
We learn as much as possible about your business and the overall industry. We learn about your ideal prospects, how they think, what terms they use, what they read and watch, where they spend time online…everything.
Next, we look at your competition and real-world search engine data to figure out the optimal online strategy for your business. From this process comes our client-generation Digital Marketing Blueprint
At this level of detail, we can’t offer set pricing, as there are simply too many variables based on your particular kind of business.
However, we can give ranges of what typical website design and strategy projects cost. Of course, we will take your budget into account and point you in the right direction from the start.

Pricing Information

Fully-Custom “Intelligent” Website Designs

Our flagship Intelligent Website Design solution includes our Business Discovery Process, client generation strategy (Digital Marketing Blueprint), and a fully customized and optimized website design that best serves that strategy. Prices start at $15K and up for a fully-customized web design solution.

Our mission is to get as many visitors and new clients for your business as possible. You won’t attract new business with a broken, insecure or confusing website. Let Boomcycle help your business grow. 

Customized “Intelligent” Websites

For smaller businesses with tighter budgets, our semi-custom websites still begin with the same thorough Business Discovery Process and Digital Marketing Blueprint. The only difference lies in the design and development phase.

We streamline things by building your custom strategy onto a premium WordPress theme (design) that will best support your mission. 

Pricing for these smaller websites starts as little as $7.5K and up, depending on your needs. 

We customize the theme with your content, colors, branding and images. Your new website will look 100% customized for your business, at a fraction of the cost.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Executing a digital marketing campaign is involves multiple disciplines including strategy, research, project management, graphics, search engine strategy and reporting, and is billed as an hourly service, budgeted monthly.

The budget required is based on the amount of effort required to elevate the client above their competition, which varies based on the industry and aggressiveness of the business’ competitors. 

In short, if your competition is asleep at the wheel, or simply doing things incorrectly, you’ll have an easier time than if they are well-informed and properly budgeted.

Here are a few examples of our historical campaign pricing for various types of business situations:

  • Local Campaign, Low Competition: $995/month & up
  • Local Campaign, Medium Competition: $1995/month & up
  • Local Campaign, High Competition: $4995/month & up
  • National Campaign, Low Competition: $4995/month & up
  • National Campaign, High Competition: $8995/month & up

The good news is that most smaller businesses still haven’t awoken to the fact that SEO and content marketing are critical marketing elements, and it’s possible that you can catch your competition “asleep at the switch”, SEO-wise.

Business Discovery Process and Blueprint

If you have an in-house designer, our Business Discovery and Digital Marketing Blueprint will help take your next business web  design to the highest and most effective level possible.  

Over the course of three meetings, we’ll get to know your business and industry, your goals, your ideal client prospects and your competition. 

Next, we’ll create a Digital Marketing Blueprint that combines your detailed insider business knowledge, as well as our deep research and understanding of web marketing

You can then hand your shiny new Boomcycle Digital Marketing Blueprint to any designer, or execute the principles within it yourself on the website builder of your choice.

Pricing for this service for local business is $3K. National business is $5K and up, depending on the number of days required for a “download” from the business, and competitive analysis.

Hourly Consulting/Strategy Services

If you just need to get moving in the right direction, book a strategy session with Boomcycle Digital Marketing founder, David Victor @ $300/hour.
During your strategy session, David will answer any questions you have, review and advise on your current site, suggest improvements, social media optimizations and other online marketing strategies you can use to move the needle for your business.
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