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Hard Money Lender SEO Case Study

An east-coast hard money lender was not getting results from his website. Enter Boomcycle, which provided astounding results!
Home rehab construction happening as a result of a hard money loan

A Website Under-Performing

Rick, a hard money loan business owner from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was facing a decline in leads and visibility on Google searches. His homemade website was outdated and failing to generate the desired results. Though it attracted a few inquiries, they were low-quality.

Enter David Victor and his team at Boomcycle Digital Marketing.

After partnering with Boomcycle, Rick saw a remarkable transformation in his online presence.

A new, professional and mobile-friendly website was launched. David’s team provided SEO services and a strategic plan for content creation that the owner could follow.

Since the launch, Rick noticed a significant increase in website traffic and lead generation. His website went from invisible to #5 in the organic search results, then #4, then #2 and today it ranks #1 and has been #1 in his market for multiple months in a row as of February 2024.

In the first year alone, the number of forms filled out on his website jumped from 11 to 53, resulting in three closed deals – a substantial improvement from the previous year’s zero.

Hard Money Loan business owner, Rick, talks about how Boomcycle has helped grow his business dramatically.

Rick highlights the value of reaching new clients who discovered his business through online searches, in addition to his existing word-of-mouth referrals.

The synergy of an enhanced website and a Google Business Profile as optimized by Boomcycle contributed to his success.

When asked what he would tell a friend in need of lead generation support, Rick’s response was clear – “Call David, he’ll show you the way.”

Rick also praised Boomcycle Digital Marketing for providing guidance on content creation, such as blogs and videos, resulting in a gradual yet impactful improvement in online visibility.

Rick’s testimonial showcases how Boomcycle Digital Marketing’s expertise and tailored strategies can revitalize a business’s online presence, attract new clients, and ultimately drive success in a competitive digital landscape.

David Victor, founder, Boomcycle Digital Marketing Agency
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