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David Victor’s Boomcycle Digital Marketing is a San Francisco Bay Area digital marketing firm, specializing in SEO to help your business increase visibility online to drive sales.

You’ve Found Your Bay Area SEO Expert.

If you’ve been searching for a San Francisco Bay Area-based company to help your company gain online visibility in Google and Bing, your search is over.

David Victor’s Boomcycle Digital Marketing of San Ramon is your SEO answer.

Search Engine Specialist David Victor has worked with dozens of clients and managed their SEO since 2003.

We offer search engine optimization campaigns and full-spectrum digital marketing campaigns at extremely competitive price-points.

Online search optimization

Search Engine Optimization Means Business.

Over 90% of online experiences start with a search engine.  Today in the U.S., search traffic is mostly attributed to Google, although there are other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. 

And YouTube, while not technically a “search engine”, actually receives the 2nd most search traffic after Google. 

This means:

  • Your business needs to be visible to the search engines, especially Google. Organic (i.e., non-paid) search is responsible for over 90% of search traffic.
  • Your website needs to be “mobile friendly” — that is, usable, fast and legible on mobile devices, primarily smartphones but also tablets.

Since Google is by far the most popular search engine, your website should attempt, as closely as possible, to stay within the guidelines that Google provides. 

A Bay Area SEO company like Boomcycle Digital Marketing will typically advise you to focus on Google primarily, but not neglect Bing. Think of it like a 90/10 split in terms of importance to your business, which is very close to reality.

how people search online

How People Search

Over half of people’s search queries are four words or longer. People are searching for very specific things. The more specific, the higher the buyer intent

You can be visible to more specific searches by putting content on your website that appeals to these types of inquiries.

Someone searching for a men’s wedding ring from a local jeweler, may have done this:

  • Jewelry (oops, I need a store)
  • jewelry stores near me (there are some stores – what am I actually looking for?)
  • wedding rings (oh, this is mostly for ladies)
  • wedding rings for men (this is a decent list, but I need something close…)
  • wedding rings for men near me

Voila! The searcher was presented with a list of stores near their current location that featured men’s wedding rings.

Searchers do get specific in order to get a better hit on what they’re looking for. 

David presenting search opportunities

An Opportunity for Search Visibility

Were you the jewelry store in this scenario, this is an opportunity to create a page on your website that focuses on men’s wedding rings.

Creating a specific page with the title “Wedding Rings for Men” (Google will take care of the “near me” piece) and content laser-focused on this one topic will result in searchers being presented with precisely the information they were searching for.

Google likes this and will reward this page and business with visibility.


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San Francisco SEO Services

Bay Area SEO Services

The services provided through Boomcycle are myriad: technical SEO, web design, website speed optimization, content marketing strategy, as well “off-page” factors. 

Off-page SEO is sometimes thought of as old-school “link-building”, but it’s much more than that now. Considerations include:

  • Strategic link-building – for example, writing articles for other websites which point back to your website.
  • Citation building – Creating highly-consistent mentions of your company’s information throughout the internet. 
  • Reputation management – Encouraging reviews where applicable and legal. 
  • Google My Business optimization – A must-have for businesses that rely on local visitors. 

SEO and Google Matters

Technical SEO Matters to Google AND Your Visitors

David Victor did a survey of over 50 wealth manager websites in the “Tri-Valley”, measuring SEO, presentation and engagement. The median SEO-friendliness rating of these websites was a 46 out of 100, leaving a lot of room for improvement. Most of these fixes are relatively simple, “quick win potential” technical factors. 

The first step in any bay area search engine optimization project we undertake is to essentially repair what’s been neglected (or never done) on our client’s websites.  As an SEO Practitioner, I have a variety of techniques that I employ to determine if people are interested in some product, service, topic or thing. You must measure the demand of your product or service by doing extensive keyword research. Search engine strategies can be extended to include any product or service that your company offers. 

If the idea of creating specific pages for every product or service that you offer seems overwhelming, you can simply start with a page or two targeted at your highest margin opportunities. For example, if you are a dentist, and your highest value-per-minute service is providing patients with porcelain veneers, then start by creating a page dedicated to that service. When you work with a Bay Area SEO company such as Boomcycle, you will receive only the most strategic and actionable advice that won’t overwhelm your capacity to deliver.

Online search on mobile

What Are People Searching For?

If you’re having trouble selling blue widgets, it may be because there is no demand for blue widgets. 

As a marketer, you need to sell into the demand, not try to create demand. 

At Boomcycle Digital Marketing, we work with a variety of tools and techniques that help us understand what people are actually looking for. We can also determine what kinds of questions they’re asking, which helps us develop the kind of content you’re reading now. 

Creating demand is by far the most expensive business activity ever conceived. Some businesses and entrepreneurs get lucky, and create a product or service that the world wanted, but simply couldn’t conceive of it. 

Some people win the lottery too.

A far simpler process is to find out what people are actually searching for, and then provide that product or service. 

For more clever strategies like this, contact Boomcycle today for Bay Area SEO Services, and let’s talk.

What Our Clients Say


Glenn JostGlenn Jost

David Victor and the good people at Boomcycle have worked tirelessly to help us think outside the box in this hyper-changing world of social media. Capturing decision maker's eyes and ears is critical for our success. They have the instincts to hunt down and engage the perfect prospects, who ultimately became our best clients. Their system works!

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Rich ArzagaRich Arzaga

I highly recommend David Victor and Boomcycle for their work as digital marketing experts and as a thinking partner for your business development.

Our financial services firm has had assistance with search engine and other new media activities in the past. These were promising starts but ultimately did not move the dial on generating new business.

Our work with David and Boomcycle has been exceedingly productive. He is all about using the left and right side of his brain when working on our business: David's ideas and creativity are collaborative and refreshing. His process to help us craft the best possible online marketing message and digital presence has differentiated us and attracts qualified prospects to the business. Since some perceive financial services as a commodity, this is a considerable accomplishment. David is also keen in analytics, measuring not only results but also what they mean and how we can continue to fine-tune our messaging and medium. In that regard, he wears two hats as a business partner.

Most digital marketing services are happy with getting their customers on the board. David has been committed to getting us as clients at the top of the board. Better, on our own board.

David Victor and Boomcycle know Digital Marketing.

Read More
Richard TifoneRichard Tifone

David did an outstanding job of understanding my business and crafting a new website and digital marketing plan. I'm thrilled with the results. He is fun to work with and I would highly recommend David Victor and Boomcycle to anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing.

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