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Intelligent Web Design is Boomcycle’s proprietary process of business discovery and search engine research to create the most compelling web design for your ideal prospect.

Does Your Website Speak to Your Ideal Client Prospects?

Your website is the first impression your business makes, and the only online property you truly control

Your web design must:

  • Make it easy for your ideal prospects to get the information they’re seeking.
  • Help them understand how you can help them and that you are an expert.
  • Direct them to take the action to become a client.

Next Generation, Data-Driven, Intelligent Web Design.

What if you could get into the mind of your ideal prospect? What kind of website would your ideal prospect want to find?

A website that made it easy to solve their problem.

What if you could regularly upgrade your website, so your ideal prospects found your messaging and call-to-action irresistible

Now, thanks to search engine research as well as on-site user experience analysis tools, we can. 

When you engage with Boomcycle to create your web design, we discover and produce the ideal design for your business, based on market research, keyword research and design best-practices. 

Your result? A frictionless sales funnel and an “intelligent” web design.

Let Boomcycle Digital Marketing build your business a website that leverages the data of your industry, and leaves your competition in your rear-view mirror.

Data-Driven, Intelligent Web Design
Bay Area Web Design

Where Most Web Designs Go Wrong

Many of the web designs you see today were created as art-first projects; a 1990s mindset. Someone saw another company’s cool website or an inspiring photograph, and wanted their website to tell that story.

Perhaps someone at the company was “good with web stuff” and built the company’s website as their own personal portfolio project. 

These v1.0 websites serve as little more than confusing brochures.

Another common mistake is for the business to gloat: “We’re #1”, “Best in the Bay Area”, “Look at Our XYZ Award”. There’s a time and place for that, but awards and accolades should support a client-first presentation

The reality is that people only care about what your business can do for them.

Your web design must explain to the visitor, with lightning speed, what your business can do for them, or you risk losing them to the “Back” button.

Does your website accomplish its primary mission?

Great Web Design Means Business.

So Google sends a visitor to your site. Congratulations! Now the fun begins. Most visitors will only grant your website between 3-5 seconds to determine whether or not your website addresses their question.

Are you addressing the needs of someone who searched for “auto accident attorney pleasanton ca”? How about “biotech product design”?

If your website doesn’t come right out and stick the landing, your visitor will hit the “back” button, and may never consider your business again.

It’s something called “bounce rate”: the number of times someone clicked on a search result, found your site, and then after viewing a single page, immediately “bounced” away, back to the search results. 

Google notes this interactive “moment-of-truth” as well.

A website with a high bounce-rate is not engaging, and therefore not a place Google wants to send their searchers.

Does your website engage your best client prospects?

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