Intelligent Web Design

Business Web Design That Drives Results

Boomcycle Intelligent Web Designs use your business knowledge combined with search data to model the mindset of your ideal prospects.

Your website is the first impression your business makes, and the only online property you truly control. Your web design must:

  • Make it easy for your ideal prospects to get the information they’re seeking.
  • Direct them to take the action to become a client.
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Data-Driven, Intelligent Web Design

What if you could get into the mind of your ideal prospect? 

What kind of website would your ideal prospect want to find?

A website that made it easy to solve their problem.

Further, what if you could regularly upgrade your website, so your ideal prospects found your messaging and call-to-action irresistible?

Now, thanks to search engine research as well as on-site user experience analysis tools, we can.

When you engage with Boomcycle for your web design, we discover and create the ideal design for your business, based on market research, keyword research and design best-practices.

The result is a friction-less sales funnel and an “intelligent” web design.

Let Boomcycle Digital Marketing build your business a website that leverages the data of your industry, and leave your competition in your rear-view mirror.

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Boomcycle Intelligent Web Design Projects

Dog Grooming Web Design

Auntie Ms Paw Spa Alamo is one of the Tri-Valley’s best loved dog grooming facilities. Boomcycle’s redesign will emphasize the transformation clients can expect for their pooch! (COMING SOON!)

Dental Practice Web Design

Boomcycle redesigned this Studio City Los Angeles dentist’s website for 2020 best-practices: mobile-friendliness, video presentation, and search engine optimization.

Medical Spa Web Design

Boomcycle created this lovely and practical design for this laser hair removal medical spa in San Ramon, CA. The site is now ranking #1 for her most valuable keywords.

Personal Brand Web Design

Boomcycle founder David Victor has his hands in a lot of projects, and needed a website that hit the highlights to bring clarity to the mix. This site does the trick!

Wine Delivery Web Design

WCCOM are wine consolidators in the Napa Valley of California, conducting logistics that serve as a bridge between wineries and beverage distributors.

Financial Planner Web Design

One of our current web redesign projects is for a San Ramon-based financial planner, Cornerstone Wealth Management. The emphasis is on problem-solving and relatability. (COMING SOON!)

Great Web Design is a Business Necessity

So Google sends a visitor to your site. Congratulations! Now the fun begins.

Most visitors will only grant your website between 3-5 seconds to determine whether or not your website addresses their question.

Are you addressing the needs of someone who searched for “auto accident attorney pleasanton ca”? How about “biotech product design”?

If your website doesn’t come right out and stick the landing, your visitor will hit the “back” button, and may never consider your business again.

And Google notes the interaction moment-of-truth as well.

It’s something called “bounce rate”: the number of times someone clicked on a search result, found your site, and then immediately “bounced” away, back to the search results.

Intelligent Web Design - David Victor of Boomcycle Digital Marketing

When it comes to the design of a website, or what people consider “art” in general, they say “Everyone’s an art critic”.

Many of the web designs you see today were created as art-first projects; a Web Design 1.0 mindset. 

Someone saw a cool website or photograph, and wanted their website to tell that story.

Perhaps someone at the company was “good with web stuff” and built the company’s website as their own personal portfolio project.

The president’s son built the company website for a web design class he took at college. 

Another common mistake is for the business to gloat: “We’re #1”, “Best in the Bay Area”, “Look at this award we won”, 

There’s a time and place for that, but awards and accolades should support your client-first presentation. The best place for that is further down the page for those prospects who might need a bit more convincing.

Either way, the reality is that people don’t care about you (your business). 

People only care about what your business can do for them.

And so, your web design must explain to the visitor, with lightning speed, what your business can do for them, or you risk losing them to the “Back” button.

Does your website accomplish its primary mission?

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If you need a website that sells, I’m here to help. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation and get started on the road to success.