Business Web Design Is More Than "Art"

Boomcycle web designs use search data to model the mindset of your ideal prospects.

Web Design the Old Way

When it comes to the design of a website, or what people consider “art” in general, they say “Everyone’s an art critic”.

data-driven web design

Most of the web designs you see today were created as “art-first” projects; something akin to a “web design 1.0” mindset.

Someone saw a cool website or photograph, and wanted their website to tell that story. 

Or someone at the company was “good with web stuff” and built the company’s website as their own personal portfolio project. 

But your website is the first impression your business makes, and must do its utmost to establish the profitability and long-term success of your business.

Your web design must:

  • Speak clearly to your ideal prospects.
  • Make it easy for your ideal prospects to get the information they’re seeking. 
  • Turn ideal prospects into clients.

Data-Driven, Intelligent Web Design

What if you could get into the mind of your ideal prospect? What kind of website would they want to discover?

A website that made it easy to solve their problem.

Further, what if you could regularly upgrade your website, so your ideal prospects found your messaging and call-to-action irresistible?

Now, thanks to search engine research as well as on-site user experience analysis tools, we can.

When you engage with Boomcycle for your web design, we discover and create the ideal design for your business, based on market research, keyword research and design best-practices.

The result is a friction-less sales funnel and an “intelligent” web design. 

Let Boomcycle Digital Marketing build your business a website that leverages the data of your industry, and leave your competition in your rear-view mirror. 

Happy woman using a great data-driven website from Boomcycle


Contact Boomcycle today for your complimentary consultation, and see what a truly intelligent web design looks like!

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